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Other transport companies such as Great Northern, Virgin and Eurostar now ban the devices as well. Transport for London has even banned vaping on their whole network of trains, tubes and buses.

According to a First Capital Connect spokesperson, the reasoning behind these policies is that passengers may think smoking real cigarettes is allowed if they see someone using an e-cigarette. However, many people see this as a poor excuse and feel that these companies are banning vaping as it is the easiest way to deal with pressure to form a definitive policy.

This comes after Wales announced a ban on vaping in public places which will most likely prevent a lot people from ever trying the devices in the first place.

Deborah Arnott of ASH UK (Action on Smoking & Health) said “ASH does not support a blanket ban on the use of these devices in all enclosed public places. However, it’s up to individual organisations, including train operators, to choose whether or not to permit their use. We’d suggest that before doing so they think about the potential health benefits of these products, which are mainly used by smokers trying to quit.”