Why LiQuid, Why £1 – Our Story

Less than 18 months ago there were very few UK producers of e-cig liquid, so when April 2014 hit, our decision on whether we were going to enter this sector came and the question we asked was – “how on earth would we separate ourselves from the competition?”

Today’s vapers are looking for something different, you cannot simply do what everyone else is doing, so that’s why we decided on being the first British manufactured e-liquid to sell a 10ml bottle for £1. It would not be a promotion or a limited offer. If we were selling for a pound, we were doing so forever.

The second challenge we faced was who to partner with for our raw ingredients. Obviously we cannot mention any names but we use a flavour house that has been in the industry for over 20 years, who operate to the strictest regulations and quality controls. Our nicotine supplier is based in the UK and so is our PG, VG and De-Ionised water suppliers. This makes us an entirely British product. Nothing that goes into our e-liquid is sourced from outside of the UK.

The third challenge we faced was that it’s all well and good selling e-liquid at £1 but how could we make it the best liquid possible and how would we convince customers that it was so good.  Our 15 launch flavours were in development for over 3 months by our chief flavour engineer Andy. The challenge for him was recording all of his data, he often made over 100 samples of just one flavour before we all felt the flavour was correct. Andy built a bespoke system that not only records all the data and feedback, but also produces production sheets in seconds, its now as simple as following a cake recipe when it comes to producing our e-liquids.

The final challenge was setting up the right production environment and making sure that we purchased the right equipment. Anyone can produce cheap e-liquid, but we wanted to do it with the correct equipment and in the correct environment. So here is what we did:

We installed a 6 x 3m soft wall ISO Class 8 clean room facility. We purchased Tyvek full body suites, hairnets, face masks, gloves, shoe covers and goggles providing the right environment and minimising the chance of any contamination.

As there are two parts to the production process (Premix & Dispensing), we needed two solutions. Solution 1 for the premix:


– We installed a bespoke system that does not use pumps as these can contaminate the juice, nor does it use air to draw the liquid. Our raw ingredients only ever come into contact with food grade silicon and 316-grade stainless steel reducing any risk of possible contamination.

– We mix by weight not by volume. This serves for higher levels of accuracy when it comes to mixing. All of our raw ingredients are purchased by weight not by volume, which gave us the knowledge this was the best way to do it.


The second solution for dispensing was to install the following equipment:

– A vacuum pump liquid filling machine for producing smaller production runs.  This machine fills but requires hand operation when it comes to the nibing, capping and labelling.

– We also purchased a fully automated machine that sorts the bottles, fills them, nibs, caps and even labels them. This machine has a capacity of 4800 bottles per hour. This is used for any production runs of over 100 bottles. The filling process on this only uses peristaltic pumps, which once again ensures that the liquid does no come into contact with anything but silicon.


The set up was a long process, however one that we are very proud of. Wherever possible the equipment used in our production facility is either stainless steel or silicon making it the most hygienic facility possible.


How is £1 achievable?

Now you’re probably thinking, “they have had all of that expense of setting up an e-liquid production facility and are only charging £1 per bottle?” Well you are right, our facility did cost a fortune to set up. However, because our operation is automated and so efficient, we do not require a huge workforce to produce large quantities of bottled e-liquid, in fact we can produce 4800 bottles per hour with two operators, keeping our costs extremely low. Also because we purchase our raw materials in huge volumes we benefit from huge discounts from our suppliers meaning that we can pass the savings on.

We may not be the only efficient operation in the country but we are an operation that is prepared to accept a lower margin but still give the guarantee that only the best ingredients are used and assembled in the right environment.

We hope you enjoy our UK e-liquids and we welcome any feedback.


  • Stewart

    I have been using Liquid for a long time never had any problems and being fully British made is a bonus
    i just wish many companies invest and follow your lead!

    Thanks for the Eliquids,

  • Brian Cherry

    Hi I have been ordering 8 liquids and £2 delivery the last few weeks, this is exceptional value especially when most places charge nearly a fiver. My favourite by quite a bit is the an aniseed one the flavour you get is unbelievable and huge clouds just by normally inhaling. The other flavors I’ve tried are also great lemon and lime stands out too. I urge everyone to please give Liquid a try I there will be no disappointment. Thank you.

  • Claire

    These liquids are by far the best quality i have ever tried. You have the pg/vg ratio spot on.
    Have bought from you now for over 2 years and i will continue to do so. I dont plan on giving up vaping and your £1 liquids have saved me a small fortune.
    Thank you.

  • garry powell

    i ordered 4 bottles to try and they were good so just ordered another 12 what a saving! great stuff!

  • Steve Pike

    Hello, I too have been using aniseed, it is, so far, my only chosen taste. My ex supplier are actually stopping aniseed and as someone else said they charge five pounds !!! Laugh! Liquid were introduced to my by a colleague, we both think L£ are great and I have and do explain the benefits to anyone who will listen.

  • Nathan Darbyshire

    Quite simply LiQuid is the best producer of e-liquid, not only this but the best possible price for the consumer. The website is easy to use, very easy to order and delivery is generally fast. I personally like the tracking emails I receive from Royal Mail. This is a great touch. Keep up the great work.

  • Colin Truesdale

    Vaping allowed me to discard my 40 year odd Smoking habit without problems and within a couple of weeks. I enjoy vaping and am a consistent user but not a heavy one. When i first started i tried various e liquids and quickly found that cost had little bearing on quality. A number of the expensive ones were almost unusable to my taste. Someone introduced me to these one pound e liquids and they are now the only ones i use. There are 4 flavours that i particularly like and they do not vary from one batch to another. you pay your money and get exactly what you are familiar with. With such a good range there must be something for most peoples tastes. The ONLY minor downside that i can find is that as they grow they seem not to be able to offer the amazingly fast delivery time that achieved initially ~ which is not surprising though.

    Incidentally, here is an eye opener for people still smoking ~ in the 18 months or so since i changed to vaping i saved enough money to fund a holiday for my wife and i to Australia to see my siblings.

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