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What Are Liquid Gold Nic Salts?

We've launched Liquid Gold! This range has some of our most popular flavours combined with Nicotine Salts, instead of freebase nicotine used in our core range of flavours.

What are Nic Salts?

Nicotine salts are a different form of the nicotine used in traditional e-liquids. When freebase nicotine (which comes from the tobacco leaf) is added to "salt acids" these change its chemical composition. There are different forms of Nic Salt out there, and they all affect the nicotine in a different way. We've chosen Nicotine Ditartrate as our flagship nic salt formula. Our trials have shown it delivers the smoothest and most satisfying vape while having a minimal effect on taste.

Put simply, Nic Salts offer much higher nicotine strengths with a much smoother vape. If you are looking to bust those cigarette cravings without the harshness on the throat, Liquid Gold is the one for you.

LiQuid Gold is suitable for standard 50/50 coils and devices. Given the strength of LiQuid Gold (18mg) and how easy it is to vape, we recommend being mindful of how much you vape.