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What is in LiQuid?

- All of our e-liquids are produced in our own ISO Class 8 & ISO Class 5 clean room facility and are made from only the best ingredients including: 


High Quality UK Flavourings

EP/USP Propylene Glycol (PG)

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

High Quality EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine



- Each nicotine strength contains a different ratio of PG to VG. Please see the list below



18mg Strength = 60% PG / 40% VG

12mg Strength = 50% PG / 50% VG

6mg Strength = 45% PG / 55% VG

0mg Strength = 40% PG / 60% VG


- Our liquid is individually batch tested in an independent laboratory to ensure that the nicotine content is correct and that all the ingredients are pure.


 - LiQuid does not contain oil based flavours or artificial colours.


 - All the flavourings are manufactured to order in the UK by our UK flavour manufacturer who operates to the highest standards and has BRC accreditation at grade 'A' level. All flavourings and ingredients are critically assessed for quality & consistency. The materials and flavourings supplied have been specially selected for the best taste and quality possible, and are considered to be the best products currently available in the market place. As a responsible manufacturer, we do not add any diacetyl or 2,3-pentanedione to e-cig flavours. We are unable to give individual ingredient information, as such information is both proprietary and is protected as trade secret. Click Here to see our flavourings data sheet.