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What is "steeping" and does LiQuid require it?

The steeping of e-liquids is a process used to blend the flavourings together with the e-liquid base (PG/VG etc), a bit like a teabag in water. Steeping matures the flavour and in some cases the colour of the liquid. The steeping process give the flavours a chance to develop and blend together. For example, our Cherry Menthol is made up of 3 different flavours. If you were to vape the Cherry Menthol straight after it was mixed you might not be able to pick much cherry taste. Through a process of agitation and introducing clean air it gives the flavours time to mature, become stronger and better balanced.


We try our best to steep all of our e-liquids for around 7-10 days before they are bottled and sold, so there should be no need to steep unless you want to.