£1 e-liquid made in GB, compatible with all e-cig devices.


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E Liquid

We have a wide range of e liquid available including favourites such as double menthol, menthol, strawberry & lime, British tobacco, strawberry milkshake and more. We are proud to be making e liquid in the UK and selling at £1 per 10ml bottle. Our e liquids are compatible for all vaping devices and our e liquid is made to a high standard and have full traceability on all ingredients. This includes EP/USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Get your e liquid on your doormat within 3 business days.


E Liquid Explained


For those that are new to using e cigarettes, e liquid can be a it of a mystery as to what it is, how it works and how to use it and in what measures.  E liquid is the juice that is put inside the e cigarette which makes both the vapour and the taste.  When using the e cigarette the e liquid is heated up in a cartridge by a heating coil, this creates the vapour which is inhaled.


What E Liquid Is Made Of


E liquid is made of two liquids - propylene glycol (referred to as PG) and vegetable glycerine (known as VG).  Propylene glycol is a clear and odourless liquid which has no taste and has a consistency which is similar to syrup.  You will often find propylene glycol in cosmetics, food products and animal food.  It’s a non toxic liquid which is used as one of the core ingredients for e liquid.  


Vegetable glycerine has a slightly sweet taste and is what generates most of the vapour from an e cigarette.  It is slightly thicker than propylene glycol and does not irritate or cause allergic reactions.    


Some e liquids do have nicotine included however there are nicotine free e liquids available.  


How To Use E Liquid


Some e cigarettes allow the user to use pre loaded e liquid cartridges which you change as and when you need to. Other e cigarettes allow the user to refill the cartridge themselves - which is an option chosen by many e cigarette users. 


Plenty Of E Liquid To Choose From


There are many e liquid flavours to choose from to suit all tastes.  This can range from classic tobacco flavours, menthol flavours, flavours that remind you of childhood sweets, your favourite desserts and more.  


Nicotine Levels In E Liquid


Different nicotine strengths are available from higher levels right through to low levels depending on the users choice.  There is also e liquid available which is nicotine free.  This means that you can choose exactly which nicotine level you prefer.  Many e cigarette users will wean themselves off the nicotine slowly by reducing the level gradually.  


Why Our E Liquids Are Just £1


Our mission was to create a range of e liquids where the price was so low that there was no good reason to use tobacco anymore.  We designed our e liquid so it works in any device regardless of brand so everyone can use our e liquids.  Our e liquid is cheap because we buy our ingredients in bulk which helps to make it cheaper for us to make, we have an automated line which makes production faster and we like to make the world a better place.