Collection: Drink Flavour Vape Juice

Savour the taste of your favourite tipple with our drink flavour vape juice range. From the rich taste of Cherry Cola to decadent milkshakes, our UK-made vape liquids are set to become your new favourites!

Since 2014, LiQuid has endeavoured to perfect budget-friendly, high-quality drink flavour vape juices. We only sell products that we know our customers will love, and our drinks flavoured e-liquids are incredibly hard to resist. With a huge range of your favourite drink flavours in vape juice form, gone are the days of having to limit yourself to basic vaping flavours.

If you have ever felt like a pink lemonade flavoured e-liquid or 50ml shortfill as a change from your normal all-day-vape of choice, you can now enjoy this refreshing flavour and more, right from your pocket. Shop our outstanding range of flavours below.

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A perfect puff, every time

LiQuid’s longstanding experience in drink flavour vape juice means we have perfected the formula to maximise enjoyment and fulfil your taste buds from the very first puff. We've worked hard to get our drink-flavoured e-liquid just right, giving you the exact taste of your favourite drinks, right in your vape device.

Each carefully and comprehensively tested batch has been formulated to maximise the life of your coil and tested to ensure it does not crack the tank, so you can be sure to get the taste you crave without compromising on the longevity of your device.

Manufactured in a Class-D clean facility, each liquid has also been independently batch-tested to make sure we are giving you the best possible product. Our range of drink flavour vape juice will leave you longing for more.

Choose from a huge range of drink flavour vape juice

In our drink flavour e-liquid collection, you will find all of our favourite soft drinks in a vape liquid form. Made right here in Britain, our team of expert e-liquid manufacturers have worked tirelessly to give you the possibility of enjoying your favourite drink in vape juice form.

Our premium range covers the nation’s favourite soft drinks, including pink lemonade, cola and of course, strawberry milkshake! This smooth, creamy liquid perfectly balances strawberry and vanilla for a mouth-watering experience.

Moreover, you can choose your favourite drink flavour in a range of strengths. From 0mg nicotine, for a pure puff of delicious drink, all the way to 18mg for those looking for a stronger intake of nicotine, there is a drink flavour vape juice for everyone.

Drink flavour vape e-liquid from £1.

From £1 a bottle, our drink-flavoured e-liquids are perfect for those looking for an adventurous vaping experience without breaking the bank. When you choose LiQuid, you choose Britain’s most premium vape juice flavours at leading prices - without any compromise on quality.

For more unique tastes, don't forget to check out our range of sweet e-liquid and dessert e-liquid.

How do I buy drink flavour vape juice online?

Buying your favourite drink in vape juice form has never been easier. Thanks to the quick and secure checkout process at LiQuid, simply select your favourite drink flavour e-liquid from our extensive selection, then choose the nicotine strength that is best for you, and add it to your basket. All you need to do then is checkout securely.

What vape devices are suitable for drink flavour vape juices?

Our range of drink flavour e-liquid is produced using only the highest-grade ingredients and manufacturing processes, maintained at the highest standard in the industry. So you can rest assured that whichever delicious flavour you choose, you are not compromising on the quality of your puff.

The e-liquids we are proud to stock are produced on an even balance of PG and VG, maximising the pleasure of each use. The standard 50/50 style of drink flavour vape juice is most suitable for vape devices with a coil rating of 1.0ohm or above. Shop the range while stocks last