What is 70-30 Vape Juice?

What is 70-30 Vape Juice? Oliver Norman

What is 70-30 Vape Juice?

70-30 vape juice is just one type of e-liquid that falls within the high-VG category. Different brands approach this type of juice in different ways, but the results are largely the same – big clouds, big flavour and a big power output to make the most of it all!

You can get into pairing juices and devices with your personal needs in our guide, How to vape properly, but in this quick guide, we will take you through the basics of what exactly a ’70-30’ vape juice is.

High VG Vape Juice

70-30, 80-20; no matter the name given, these numbers refers to the ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG, and Vegetable Glycerol VG) used in the e-liquid’s recipe. Unlike 50-50 juices, which strike a balance, HVG e-liquids have a much higher volume of VG in them.

This means they typically produce more vapour when heated in a device, as well as offering bold flavour as a result. This comes with a sacrifice however: most HVGs are restricted to lower nicotine strengths.

The reason behind this is simply down to your enjoyment – because so much more vapour is produced and potentially inhaled, having say an 18mg nic strength would make for an extremely harsh throat hit and would likely result in your head spinning from taking in so much at once vs the more restrained 50-50.

HVG vape juice typically comes in two strengths:

They still contain the same ingredients as a 50-50:

  • PG
  • VG
  • Nicotine
  • Flavouring

But unlike 50-50s they do not often feature nic salts, as these have a more significant impact at higher strengths.

UK regulations have had an impact on the type of HVG products available out there, and restrictions on bottle sizes have actually led to a whole new products type being created a few years ago, we’ll explain the difference below!

10ml HVG E-Liquid

The legal limit on bottle size for a nicotine containing e-liquid in the UK is 10ml – that’s why you only ever see nicotine free products in larger bottles.

The problem with HVG juices, is that they are designed to be used in sub-ohm devices. These kits are often larger in size with the exception of pod-mods, and heat up to higher temperatures than those intended for 50-50 vaping.

Their larger coils consume liquid much faster than 50-50 kits do, meaning many HVG users became frustrated that their 10ml bottle was being used up really fast. Rather than carrying around a load of little bottles, the vaping industry came up with an alternative which we will explore next!

Shortfill vape juice

Shortfill E-Liquid

Shortfill vape juice does what is says on the tin – it is a large volume bottle of 0mg nicotine free e-liquid, filled short of it’s maximum volume, to allow for the addition of a nic shot.

Before we go any further, don’t worry if this is all a little confusing – we have a sub-ohm vaping guide that covers all things HVG in more detail so you can really get your head around it – but we’ll explain the basics here.

The idea of a shortfill, is to give the user a more practical volume of HVG juice, in a single larger bottle, rather than lugging multiple 10mls around. Nic shots are bought separately and added by the user to create the strength they desire, a typical shortfill/nic shot blend guide could look like this (using our products as an example):

50ml of 0mg, 80/20 short fill base + 1x 10ml, 18mg, 80/20 nic shot = 60ml of 3mg, 80/20 e-liquid.

Nic shots and shortfills are blended to the same PG/VG ratio so the end product isn’t diluted. The resulting combination essentially solves the woes of sub-ohm vapers who are sick of getting through 10mls so quickly!

Vaping device

What Device is Best for HVG Vape Juice?

If you want to vape HVG e-liquids you will want a sub-ohm vaping device. these kits used to be famous for their size and outlandish designs, but as technology has developed there are now plenty of pocket-friendly options available.

Regardless of it’s size or shape, the important thing to note is the power output and coil type. If the device uses coils rated 0.9ohm or below, then it is a sub-ohm kit and will be suitable for your 70-30 vape liquid.

These kits will often have large wicking ports in their coils to absorb the thicker HVG juice, and have power outputs that go up much higher than 50-50 devices in order to properly heat the thick juice and produce those famously chunky clouds!

HVG vaping isn’t a common place for people to start their journey, but many vapers evolve from 50-50 products over time. If you are a new vaper, it might be easier for you to transition using a standard juice or a nic salt. If you already vape and are ready to move on however, HVG vaping can be an interesting way to liven up your routine!

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