Collection: Heizen E-Liquids

Relish one of our most popular flavours from our extensive range of vape liquids. There is a reason why it is a recurring favourite for a huge amount of customers. All our vape liquids are made using the highest-quality ingredients, produced right here in the UK, and our Heizen e-liquid takes vape liquid flavours to another level.

Since 2014, the team of vaping experts at LiQuid has developed and perfected premium e-liquids. We manufacture our e-liquids using industry-leading processes to ensure you get the best quality flavour every time you take a puff of our delicious e-liquids.

Every batch is produced in adherence to strict compliance standards, with complete traceability on all of our ingredients. We use the highest grade nicotine in our Heizen e-liquids, alongside rigorous testing to ensure you are tasting the very best in vape juice quality.

With 10ml Heizen e-liquid available from £1, you can enjoy the great taste of Heizen without breaking the bank. Shop the collection below.

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What is Heizen E-liquid flavour?

Heizen e-liquid combines the bursting tarty flavour of blue raspberry with sweet and sharp tastes of refreshing white grape, topped off with tastes of aniseed and cooling menthol.

We have no doubt that our Heizen e-liquid will instantly become one of your favourite flavours. With constant good reviews and feedback from loyal customers, we know how much people love this perfectly curated taste. 

What’s more, our Heizen e-liquids come in a range of nicotine strengths, so you are sure to find the vape liquid to suit your taste and needs. For those simply looking to add the tasty Heizen fragrance to their vape device without the nicotine hit, select 0mg nicotine on the product page here.

For those wanting to satisfy their nicotine cravings while still getting the unbeatable taste of Heizen, you have a choice of strengths ranging from 3mg to 18mg. Whichever nicotine strength you choose, you are sure to find your next staple vaping flavour. 

Our range of Heizen e-liquids

As one of our most celebrated vape juices, the Heizen e-liquid range is wide enough to accommodate every vaper and device. 

Our most popular 10ml Heizen e-liquid is uniquely blended using our PG/VG ratio scale, bespoke to each nicotine strength. This provides a much more balanced and tailored experience than the standard 50/50 and, with each batch tested, you’ll receive complete satisfaction while ensuring compliance, safety, and of course quality.

Our HGV blend is perfect for those wanting more flavour - and with this delicious mix, who can blame them? Delivering huge vape clouds, the Heizen HGV blend is developed with vapers using sub-ohm vaping devices in mind. If your vape pen has a coil rating of 0.9ohm or below, you are sure to find the right Heizen e-liquid here. 

With an 80/20 VG/PG recipe, the HGV blend guarantees smooth flavour throughout your vaping experience, with high-level vapour creation. There is a reason why this Heizen e-liquid is a customer favourite.

As a 75ml bottle of e-liquid short-filled to 50ml, this vape juice is perfect for the vapers who like the sub-ohm vaping experience but finish a 10ml too quickly. 

Maybe you are after a 20mg nicotine hit, but are not a fan of the typical harshness felt in your throat, LiQuid has the e-liquid you need - Nerdberg Bar Salts. Developed for use with all 50/50 style vape pens in mind, such as the EDGE Pro, our fan-favourite recipe is perfect for those looking to satisfy their nicotine cravings while enjoying an extra-smooth vaping experience. At only £1, the option is there for a great vaping experience while still being budget-friendly.