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We stock a wide selection of vape kits from top brands including Aspire, Voopoo, Vaporesso, Uwell and Innokin who produce some of the best pod vape kits on the market today. When you first buy your pod kit, it will always come with at least one replacement pod to get you started, but after you've used those, you'll need to get yourself a pack of replacement pods to be able to continue to use your device. 

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We've answered a few of the frequently asked questions regarding refillable pod kits below, so have a read to ensure you're fully clued up on things so that you'll have a great vaping experience and be confident enough to shop our range of refillable replacement vape pods now! 

How Much E-Liquid Can I Put in Refillable Vape Pods?

In 2016, TPD regulations were introduced to the EU to regulate the vaping market. Despite not being in the EU, these rules do still apply to the UK. The maximum amount of e liquid that can be put into a replacement vape pod or vape tank is 2ml. 

What E-Liquids Can I Use in my Pod Vape Kit?

It depends on what coil is used within your pod. If you’re using a 0.8ohm or higher, you can use either 5050 freebase nicotine vape juice or nicotine salts. 

If you have a low resistance coils such as 0.4ohm or lower, then this will give you the opportunity to use High VG vape juice which will give more flavour and more cloud production. You can adjust the variable wattage on your device to a higher wattage to produce bigger vape clouds and more flavour from your e liquid. 

We stock a wide range of e-liquids in different nicotine strengths that are suitable for all vape pods depending on the coil used. Discover our latest range of nic salts called Bar Salts. Inspired by the popular flavours of disposables such as Elf Bar, Geekvape and SKE Crystal Bar.

Do I Need To Replace The Coils In My Vape Pod Kit?

It all comes down to which device you use and how the replacement pods are designed. A lot of the popular pod-style vape kits will use replacement pods which have the coils built-in them, meaning that when the coil has burnt out, you just replace the pod rather than the coil. 

Some popular pod systems will use replacement coils rather than replacement pods though. The Uwell Caliburn G2 is one of the examples of this that we sell on LiQuid. Coils must be bought separately as replacements meaning you can continue to use the pods and just change the coils.  

It's essential that you check that your vape pods or vape coils are compatible with your device before buying. For example, the Uwell Caliburn G3 empty replacement pods are not compatible with the Caliburn G2 device and the Smok Novo pods will only work with a Novo battery, and will not fit a Smok Nord device.

How Do I Fill My Vape Pod with Vape Juice?

Each pod will have a different way to refill it with vape juice, but the common refill ways are either side/top or bottom fill with the opening closed off by a rubber bung you just move out of place to refill. 

Check the instructions of your pods to get a clear understanding prior to using it. 

What Are Prefilled Pods?

They are exactly what they sound like! 2ml pods which are pre-filled with e-liquid, meaning that when the vape juice runs out, you replace the empty pod with one which is filled with e-liquid and continue vaping. 

Prefilled pods offer an extremely user friendly approach to vaping that would suit new vapers and experienced vapers alike. We have a great range of refillable and pre-filled pods from some of the leading e cigarette manufacturers on the market today!

How Long Do Vape Pods Last?

Most replacement pods with have preinstalled coils in, but some do have removeable coils which have to be changed regularly. 

The average life span of a coil pod is around 7-10 days. This can be longer, but can also be shorter depending how often you use your vape and what vape juice you use can also play a part in your coil not lasting as long. If you are planning to stock up on replacement pods for a holiday, make sure you factor in their lifespan to ensure they will last for the duration of your trip - particularly if you can't buy replacements at your destination. If you want to learn more about vaping and traveeling abroad by plane, check out our 2024 guide to vaping and air travel!