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Here at LiQuid, we offer an extensive range of fruity vape juices to satisfy those sweet cravings. From apple to aniseed, we offer the best fruit e-liquids that cater to everyone's tastes.

Some people just have a hunger for anything sweet, and if it’s sweet hits that you're looking for, then our elite selection of the best fruity vape juice available in the UK is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more! Why not check out our dessert e-liquids for more fruity flavourings?

Our e-liquids offer an extensive range of fruity flavours that are guaranteed to satisfy those sweet cravings, all day long. You’ll find that our range of premium fruity vape juices is sure to hit the sweet spot and make you want to keep going back for more.

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The best fruity vape juice for the sweet-toothed

Created by our UK team, the LiQuid fruit e-liquids have been independently batch-tested to ensure that we are offering the best possible products. Compatible with all vaping devices, these fruity flavours come in a range of nicotine strengths, making it easier than ever to find your ideal match.

Whatever your vape liquid needs, we can cater for you. If you are simply looking for a fruity vape liquid that satisfies your craving for something sweet but without nicotine, select our 0mg vape juices on the product page. Our range of delicious flavours all come in various strengths of nicotine, from 0mg to 18mg

The vape juices are ideal for usage with most 50/50 style vape devices, like our LiQuid Pro. All you need to check is that your coil has a rating of at least 1.0ohm to enjoy the best fruity vape juice available in the UK.

Fruit e-liquid flavours with a difference

Our fruity vape juices are a great alternative to the classic tobacco liquids or menthol flavours. The sweet flavourings are great for an early morning vape, or for when those sweet cravings kick in. 

From £1 a bottle, you can try out a whole host of fruity vape juices, including tropical fruits, pineapple, lemon & lime, blueberry and cherry

Our team loves experimenting to create the perfect flavours, so if you're looking for a sweet treat, you're guaranteed to love the fruity e-liquids that we've created right here in the UK.

We are dedicated to providing budget-friendly fruity vape juices without a single compromise on quality, ensuring that every liquid passes our lab and public trials. Whichever fruity vape juice you manage to decide on, you can be sure that it has gone through the highest-calibre manufacturing and testing processes. 

If fruit e-juice isn't for you, why not take a look at our range of classic tobacco e-liquids or get a fresh blast of mint with our menthol e-liquids?

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