£1 e-liquid made in GB, compatible with all e-cig devices.

£1 E-Liquid made in Great Britain.£1 E-Liquid made in Great Britain.

A premium £1 british manufactured e-liquid

ISO Class 5 Facility

LiQuid is manufactured in the UK within an ISO accredited Clean Room facility.

Pharma Grade Nicotine

LiQuid is manufactured using only high quality EP/USP Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine.

Quality UK Flavours

LiQuid is manufactured using quality flavourings specifically made for e-cigarettes.

Batch Tested LiQuid

We regularly send our LiQuid off for testing to a UKAS laboratory.

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Why Choose LiQuid's Range of Cheap One Pound E-Liquid?

LiQuid (onepoundeliquid) is the first UK made e-liquid to be offered at £1 per 10ml bottle developed for compatibility with all vaping devices. LiQuid’s ‘Shaken not Stirred’ motto is a cheeky nod to a British icon and reference to the unique way in which it is produced. We’re proud to be British and offer our customers a cheap e-liquid made to the highest standards with full traceability on all ingredients, including  EP/USP Pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Our e-liquid is produced in the UK in an ISO Class 5 Clean Room facility with high quality UK produced flavourings. LiQuid is batch tested via an independent pharmaceutical UK laboratory, to ensure that we have the best product on the market. As a responsible company, our products have child proof, tamper evident caps and we also take pride in creating jobs in the UK.

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Our Cheap E Liquid - How We Do It

Our cheap e liquid is made in the UK and is just as good as any other e liquid however our price point is much lower and this is how we do it. As a company we decided not to be greedy. We keep the prices down by buying ingredients in bulk from within the UK which means we receive it at greatly discounted prices. We pass this discount onto you instead of keeping it for ourselves. Our production line is fully automated and can make 50,000 bottles a day. This means that we keep our labour costs down, our e liquid pure and our e liquids cheap.

Not only this, one of our soul aims is to try and convert every smoker in the UK into a vaper and the only way we can manage this is by making our prices accessible for all. We want to make the world a better place and this is how we do it.

So Why Not Give It A Go?

You can see from the reviews on our website that cheap e liquid doesn’t have to mean that it is terrible in quality. Many products have been rated five stars by our loyal customers and we are pleased that they have had a good experience. Why not have a look around our website, check out the flavours, check out the reviews and consider trying out our cheap e liquid and see for yourself?

For one pound it is not a great risk - we hope you enjoy the savings and don’t forget to spread the word about our cheap e liquid!