Collection: ElfLiq Nic Salts: from the UK’s No1 Disposable Vape Brand Elf Bar

ElfLiq nic salts is one of the most popular e-liquid brands on the market from the UK’s best-selling disposable vape brand Elf Bar. With 27 bold bar juice flavours to choose from replicating people's favourite disposable vape flavours, anyone looking for an alternative to disposable vapes can enjoy the great taste they love, with the best flavours in 10ml bottles - meaning you get better value for money at only £3.49 for 10ml vs £5 for 2ml, and free delivery on orders over £20!

Perfect when paired with a refillable pod kit, these best-selling bar e-liquid flavours are available in 10mg and 20mg, as well as 5mg which caters for people who may have a lower tolerance for nicotine, or are gradually lowering down their nicotine intake. Nicotine salt e-liquids provide faster-acting, longer-lasting satisfaction than freebase nicotine (the kind found in 50-50 e-liquids) but give a smooth throat hit to provide a pleasurable vaping experience.

Want to explore a different Bar Salts range of e-liquids? Check out our own range of 10ml nic salt e-liquids that has 40 different mouth-watering flavours for only £2 each.

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FAQs About ElfLiq - The Official Elf Bar Vape Juice

What Is ElfLiq?

ElfLiq is the brand of nicotine salt vape juices that have been curated by the same manufacturers who make Elf Bar disposables. Known as the leading brand of disposable vapes, they now offer the same great tasting flavours in 10ml bottles as an alternative to using disposable vapes.

About Elfliq & elf bar

All you need to know about ElfLiq Vape Juice


Elfbar Flavors in 10ml Bottles!

ElfLiq is a range of 10ml e-liquids designed to replicate the popular Elfbar disposable flavours in a much more cost effective way. Pairing ElfLiq 10ml's with a refillable vape kit is a cheaper alternative to using Elf Bar disposable vapes. 


Smooth Satisfying Nicotine Salts

ElfLiq utilises the same nicotine salt base which is used in their disposable vapes. This will provide a smoother and satisfying vaping experience, which is perfect if you've recently transitioned away from smoking.


Compatible Vape Devices

ElfLiq is mixed at a 50VG/50PG ratio, meaning that it will work perfectly in any mouth-to-lung vape device such as a refillable pod vape kit. We would not recommend using ElfLiq in a Sub-Ohm vape kit. 


Wide Range of flavours and Strengths

ElfLiq is available in over 30 different flavours, as well as 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. This is convenient for those looking for a lower nicotine strength.