Vapes on a Plane - Vaping and Travel FAQs

Vapes on a Plane - Vaping and Travel FAQs Oliver Norman

Vapes on a Plane - Vaping and Travel FAQs

With lockdowns easing and more countries around the world re-opening their doors to tourists, we Brits are already getting ready to do what we do best – go on tour! 

While it’s certainly no surprise that we are all keen to get away this year, rushing into things will only mean getting our holiday off on the wrong foot – something that is all to easy if you are a travelling vaper. While the rules and regs around vaping in our day-to-day domestic lives are second nature at this point, for many, the rules around vaping and travel are less clear.

Different airlines and airports have different policies, and not all of them make their position all that obvious. Thankfully, we’ve been able to track down some answers to the biggest vaping and travel FAQs to help you plan ahead and make your holiday the pinnacle of relaxation you sorely deserve!

Can you take your e-cigarette on a plane?

The good news is that yes, you can indeed take your vaping device away with you. If you are thinking “I bet it will need to be checked into the hold” however, you are mistaken. Because the battery in your e-cig is lithium, it poses a fire risk, and so will only ever be allowed on a plane as a part of your hand luggage.

This same rule applies to any and all lithium-powered tech, like your laptop or mobile phone. Just the same as these items, you will be expected by all airlines to keep your vape on your person and attended at all times while you are travelling. This also applies to spare batteries, for those of you with meaty box mods that really sap the juice! With that in mind, you might want to consider taking a smaller device away with you, check out our device collection and browse our pods and smaller pod-mods.

Keep an eye on the rules though as they can change between airlines! Easy Jet only allows for a maximum of two spare batteries, whereas others like Emirates, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic simply specify that vaping devices must be kept in your carry-on luggage without specifically restricting the number of devices or batteries.

To make sure you don’t get caught out, once you know who you will fly with, give them a call or check their website for any rules they may have for vapers. Nobody wants to get collared by security in front of everyone because you packed a lithium loaded e-cig in between your speedos.

Can you fly with your e-liquid?

Again, the answer is yes, but things are a bit trickier here and could catch you out if you aren’t careful!

You can pack as many e-liquid bottles as you like into your hold luggage, so feel free to load up with enough shortfills or even just 10ml juices before you go to ensure your supplies last your whole trip. So long as you ensure you are not breaching any weight restrictions!

Do not however assume that the same goes for your carry-on hand luggage. Any e-liquid you keep on your person or in one of those little clear bags we love to hate, will count towards your 100ml liquid limit. That means if you planned a short weekend away with only hand luggage, and you decided to bring a 75ml short fill, it may have to go in the bin if you still want to get your toiletries through security!

Whatever you do, whether it’s on your person or in the hold, make sure you keep your e-liquids in something that will protect your clothes and other luggage. The shifting air pressure while flying has a strange impact on e-liquid bottles and almost always makes them leak – the last thing you want on arrival is to discover your best budgie-smugglers are covered in Double Menthol.

If you’ve got your vaping device and e-liquid, can you use them mid-flight?

In a word, no. Absolutely not in fact. No matter the airline, no matter the country, vaping whilst in the air is almost universally banned.

Breaking this rule could get you anything from a hefty fine to a lifetime travel ban – that was the case for one unfortunate vaper who decided to sneak into the toilet for a cheeky puff whilst on an American ‘Spirit Airlines’ flight in 2019. He neglected to realise that airlines have gotten wise to the idea of toilet smoking mid-flight and extended their provision of smoke detectors accordingly. The man was met on the tarmac by police and promptly faced the consequences of his actions.

Take heed of this example – this man was only banned from flying with spirit, if you attempt such foolishness in a country where vaping is frowned upon, you may even face jail time for that one drag – it just isn’t worth it!

Can you vape inside a UK airport before flying?

Outside of a designated smoking/vaping area – no. all UK airports have banned vaping inside their premises with no exception to the rule. Heathrow made headlines when it became the first airport to create a dedicated vaping area located within its terminal 4. With this one exception however the majority of airports do not permit vaping or smoking at all once within a terminal building.

Gatwick Airport has actually compiled a super handy guide that breaks down the majority of UK airport’s policies on vaping on their sites, which you can see below:

Gatwick Airport

Smoking e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere inside both North and South Terminals. Designated smoking areas are clearly marked outside both terminals.

Heathrow Airport

Prohibited use of e-cigarettes inside the terminal buildings. There are dedicated areas for smoking/vaping outside the terminal buildings.

Stansted Airport

Use of e-cigarettes has not been permitted indoors since August 2014.

Exeter Airport

Using e-cigarettes is not permitted inside the terminal.

Belfast International Airport

E-cigarettes can only be used in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal.

George Best Belfast City Airport

E-cigarettes prohibited inside the terminal building – use outside smoking areas.

Birmingham Airport

Treated in the same way as regular cigarettes in the terminal, meaning they can only be smoked in the outside smoking facility.

Bristol Airport

E-cigarettes can only be used in the designated smoking areas.

Cardiff Airport

No use of electronic cigarettes is permitted inside the terminal. They can only be used in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal next to Gate 2.

East Midlands Airport

Use of e-cigarettes has not been permitted inside the terminal since August 2014.

Humberside Airport

E-cigarettes cannot be used within the terminal or outside the terminal entrance. They can only be used in the smoking area.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

E-cigarettes can only be used in outdoor smoking areas.

London City Airport

E-cigarettes cannot be used in the terminal or once you pass through security.

Luton Airport

E-cigarettes cannot be used anywhere apart from the smoking area outside the terminal, located outside the front entrance.

Manchester Airport

No use of e-cigarettes allowed inside the terminal.

Newcastle Airport

Use of e-cigarettes only permitted in smoking shelters at the front of the terminal building and in two more designated areas after passing through security.

Southampton Airport

Use of e-cigarettes is not permitted inside the terminal building or while walking to or from the aeroplanes. They can only be used outside of the terminal building and before passing security.

Other Airports

Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Durham Tees Valley, Glasgow Prestwick, Leeds and Robin Hood airports do not provide any information about their policies regarding e-cigarettes.


Following the above information will help guide you in most cases, however you should always check ahead with your specific service provider to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest – the rules around vaping are evolving as quickly as the phenomenon itself, and that goes double for when you plan on flying with your vape.



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