Why LiQuid has the Cheapest Vape Juice & Cheap Vape Kit Deals in the UK for 2024.

Why LiQuid has the Cheapest Vape Juice & Cheap Vape Kit Deals in the UK for 2024. Oliver Norman

Why LiQuid has the Cheapest Vape Juice & Cheap Vape Kit Deals in the UK for 2024.

Times are changing, with the cost of living rising & the impending Disposable Vapes ban due in 2024, vaping looks set to to get more expensive - or is it?

Here at LiQuid we've always been obsessed with quality and price. That's why our original range of 10ml E-Liquids are still only £1, even 10 years after we launched them. Not only that, we've got a new £2 range of Bar Salts - Our version of Disposable Vape flavour inspired 10ml Nic Salt vape juice which means even disposable users have a cost-effective alternative to pricey brands like Elf Bar and Lost Mary.

We have also just added a wide selection of vape kits, including pod kits, mods and starter kits all at amazing prices. We are the home of cheap vape juice as well as budget-friendly vape kits, but this doesn't mean what we sell is low quality.

We make the highest quality vape juice using only the best raw materials and our selection of vape kits includes market-leading brands like Aspire, Geekvape, Voopoo, Caliburn and more who are pillars of the vaping industry when it comes to vape mods, vape pods and vape kits of premium quality! 

Shop our ranges and see for yourself just how cheap premium vaping can be when you choose to buy from LiQuid, but read on to learn more about how we delivery exceptional quality at affordable prices. 

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Vape Deals

    • 1.1 What Constitutes a Good Vape Deal?
    • 1.2 Importance of Quality in Vape Deals
  2. Finding The Best Vape Deals In The UK

    • 2.1 Exploring Budget-Friendly Options
    • 2.2 Subscription Services for Vape Enthusiasts
    • 2.3 Balancing Price, Quality and Practicality
    • 2.4 Comparing The Cost of Disposable Vape Kits to Refillable Vape Kits
  3. How We Deliver The Cheapest Vape Juice Without Compromising Quality

    • 3.1 LiQuid - The Go-To for Affordable Premium Vape Juice for 10 Years
    • 3.2 How Are We Able to Sell Our LiQuid Vape Juice So Cheap?
  4. Navigating Legal and Safety Considerations

    • 4.1 Compliance with UK Regulations
    • 4.2 Ensuring Safe Vaping Practices
  5. Conclusion: Premium Quality Vaping Products Can Cost Less

1. Understanding Cheap Vape Deals

1.1 What Constitutes a Good Vape Deal?

Finding the cheapest vape will certainly give you a sense of accomplishment. Everyone wants to save money where they can, and when you see a good price, you'll want to buy.

A good vape deal goes beyond the price tag however. It encompasses factors such as product quality, reliability, and customer service. While low prices are appealing, it's essential to consider the value proposition of the product which is being offered and whether that really meets your needs as a vaper.

Don't just be lured in by a tempting price tag or bundle; make sure it's the right product for your needs -

  • Are the eliquids the right flavour? 
  • Are they the right nicotine strength/type? (freebase or nic salt)
  • Is the device simple/complex enough to give you the experience you need?
  • Is the device even a good fit for the liquids they are bundled with/those you want to use?

All of these are vital questions to ask yourself before making a purchase. You can check out our guide for new vapers here.

One thing is paramount when choosing to invest in a vape deal however - quality. Every brand out there will boast that they have the best quality flavours/nicotine etc... but can they back it up? You should always invest in a brand that you can trust, and which offers transparency about why they are able to offer affordable prices - that's where LiQuid comes in!

1.2 Importance of Quality in Vape Deals

If you're buying your first e cigarette, then you'll want to invest in a high-quality vape starter kit which ensures a satisfying experience while prioritizing safety.

Look for vape devices from reputable brands within the vaping industry. Top brands such as VaporessoOXVA and Innokin make some fantastic refillable premium vape kits and often offer warranties and guarantees with their vape products, providing peace of mind for you when making the decision to purchase.

You don't have to part with a lot of money to get hold of a premium quality vape kit - there are plenty of amazing options like the Aspire R1 which starts at only £6.99!


Aspire R1 vape kit


The same rules apply when it comes to e-liquid; investing in brands with proven track records for quality and satisfaction are the best bet. You may recognise big-name brands like Lost Mary, Elf Bar or Elux, but how much can you actually find out about their safety, testing, ingredients and more?

We carry these ranges becuase we are committed to giving our customers exaclty what they want, but none come close to the quality or affordability of our own LiQuid products. Opting for a UK based brand like LiQuid can offer far greater assurances you are buying from a trusted, compliant source.

£1 e liquid range

We have a wealth of blogs explaining everything about our products, trusted customer reviews from TrustPilot, and even a corporate social responsibility policy that demonstrates our commitment to being the best vaping business we can be! Our quality and credentials are proven and we have lab reports and more readily available for any customer who may have doubts.

LiQuid Trustpliot score 4.8/5 stars

Not to mention we have a dedicated customer service team on hand to answer questions, solve issues and make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your purchase - all from our Manchester-based UK HQ.

2. Finding the Best Vape Deals In The UK

2.1 Exploring Budget Friendly Options

A lot of the top vape brands offer a range of vape kits which are budget-friendly. Even though they are cheap in price, they're far from cheap in quality. A simple device like a pod vape such as the Innokin Klypse or vape pen like the Aspire PockeX will be a perfect device to start out with and are often priced to be budget-friendly.

In many cases you can find vape kits bundled with e-liquids which are a great option to get everything you need to start vaping in one go or if you want to upgrade your current vaping experience.

When choosing our LiQuid bundles, you can also be assured that the products we combine compliment each other properly - you won't end up with a device and e-liquids that are unsuitable for each other just because we wanted to make room on our shelves! Each bundle we offer is tailored to cater to specific needs like these below:

Looking for a new vape kit as an upgrade or to add to your collection?

LiQuid Vape Kits Collection

    Looking for nic salts and a kit that replicates disposable vaping?

    LiQuid Aspire R1 vape bundle

      Looking for ultra convenience with no refilling or coil changes needed?

      EDGE Go Bundle

        Want a clean and simple starter kit and a selection of vape juices to try out to find a new favourite?

        Innokin Klypse vape bundle

          or if you have a littl more to spend...

          Vaporesso Xros 3 vape bundle

            Have a device but are looking for a haul of premium nic salt vape juice that doesn't break the bank and offers a smooth hit with bold flavour?

            LiQuid Bar Salts range

              Want more of the e-liquid you love without needing lots of little bottles?

              LiQuid Shortfill vape juice range

                Plus many more in our vape kit bundle collection - Get free UK delivery on orders over £20 to save yourself even more money.

                2.2 Subscription Services for Vape Enthusiasts

                Subscription services offer vapers the convenience of receiving the products they love at intervals to suit their consumption without needing to worry about re-ordering. 

                Check out the Subscription service that we have on offer at LiQuid to ensure that you'll never run out of vape juice and regularly get your e-liquid and coils delivered to your doorstep, exactly when you need them - not to mention by subscribing you gain access to exclusive pricing so you can vape for even less!

                Combine this with our Loyalty Scheme and you'll be saving up points to put towards the cost of a new device, or anything from our massive range!

                LiQuid Subscription service

                2.3 Balancing Price, Quality and Practicality

                While seeking the cheapest vapes, it's crucial to strike a balance between affordability, performance and your personal needs.

                Researching product reviews and comparing prices can help identify the best deals without compromising on quality. We've written extensive details about all of the vape kits and e-liquids that we have on offer here at LiQuid which should help you understand better if they will be suitable for you - just check out the descriptions on our product pages or search our blogs for even more advice.

                If you are ever in doubt, we also have a live chat service that will allow you to speak to our customer care team and clear up any queries you may have.

                2.4 Comparing The Cost of Disposable Vape Kits to Refillable Vape Kits

                Disposable vapes offer a convenient hassle-free approach to vaping, with them being ready to go out of the packet, with no upkeep required such as refilling with vape liquid or changing vape coils. 

                Whilst they are convenient, and seem a cheap price to buy, the fact that they only contain 2ml of vape juice means you may end up using that in one day and you'll then need to buy a new disposable. The average price of a disposable is £6 so this will be a daily cost should you continue to use disposables. 

                Instead, you should consider getting a vape device that uses refillable vape pods, as these will give a similar vaping experience without the financial and environmental drawbacks. Having the benefit of refillable pods means you can top up the vape juice when it runs out as well as the pod vape device itself being rechargeable.

                Choosing one of the bundles above could give you a device that will last for years and enough e-liquid to vape for a month for less than the potnetial cost of using disposable vapes for one week!

                3. How We Deliver The Cheapest Vape Juice Without Compromising Quality

                3.1 LiQuid - The Go-To for Affordable Premium Vape Juice for 10 Years

                We've been here for a very long time, and we've used that time to perfect our methods and create e-liquids of unmatched quality with peak efficiency.

                From our original £1 range to our latest £2 Bar Salts range of nic salt e-liquids, made using a double concentrated flavour formula to replicate the popular profiles seen in disposables like Elf Bar vape juice, and beyond; we have been here so long for a reason - we have always offered the best products at the best prices, and our customers keep coming back for more!

                E liquids from only £1

                3.2 How Are We Able to Sell Our LiQuid Vape Juice So Cheap?

                The common first thought for a lot of people is "Cheap price = low quality" and that's understandable! But that could not be further from the truth when it comes to our premium quality e-liquids. 

                The reason why we can sell our e-liquids from just £1 per 10ml bottle is because we are in control of the entire process when it comes to the creation of our products. We have built an end-to-end vaping manufacturing, distribution and retail network all within one company group that produces maximum cost effectiveness and quality control.

                In our earlier days we used trusted suppliers for raw materials to ensure quality, but as we have grown thanks to our loyal customers we have expanded our operations and are proud to boast that we now 'do it all'.

                We are a Manchester vape business that has state of the art facilities based in the north of England where everything is done in house. From the flavour creation, lab testing, e-liquid mixing, bottling, storing and finally picking and packing your orders, it's all done by us without the need to outsource anything to third party companies.

                We even dilute our own nicotine and develop our own flavour concentrates thanks to our highly skilled technicians and extensive laboratories. This means it keeps our costs down, and ultimately, your costs too with our e-liquids starting at £1 per 10ml!

                Rest assured that everything you buy from us at LiQuid is the highest quality possible at the cheapest price possible - our reviews speak for themselves with a TrustPilot rating of 4.8/5 stars.

                LiQuid Trustpliot score 4.8/5 stars

                We still get asked by new customers whether we import our products from China, or cut corners to deliver our prices, but our "secret" is simply that we pass our operational savings on to you!


                4. Navigating Legal and Safety Considerations

                4.1 Is Your Cheap Vape Kit Compliant?

                When purchasing vapes in the UK, it's essential to ensure that vape kits comply with local regulations, including packaging and safety disclosures. Prioritize safety by investing in certified products and following manufacturer guidelines for device usage and maintenance.

                Regularly check batteries and coils for signs of wear and tear to prevent accidents and malfunctions - we've got lots of blogs about device care and coil maintenance.

                Verify that retailers adhere to industry standards to guarantee product authenticity and safety - explore our blog about how to spot dangerous or illegal devices here!

                All the vape kits we sell at LiQuid come from trusted suppliers of leading brands and are designed to be fully compliant with UK and EU regulations - so you can buy from us with total confidence.

                4.2 Ensuring Your Vape Liquid Is Compliant

                Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations that were laid out in 2016 set the standard for how vape products such as devices, tanks and vape liquids must be sold in the UK. This has since been expanded upon with the introduction of Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR).

                The regulations which are applicable to vape juice are:

                • No bottles that contain nicotine must exceed 10ml in size.
                • Nicotine strengths must not exceed 20mg.
                • All e-liquid must be subject to strict emissions tests that ensure they do not contain/produce any harmful or carcinogenic substances.
                • Liquids compliant with the above regulations must also be submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) along with all technical information including emissions results and full ingredient breakdowns in order to be registered and permitted for sale.

                You can view any and all MHRA approved vaping products, including our own, in their public database here.

                Larger volume bottles of nicotine free vape juice, known as shortfills, are allowed to be sold as they do not contain nicotine, and instead you add nicotine shots to them yourself to reach your desired nicotine strength. 

                We pride ourselves on safety and compliance here at LiQuid, and we do not use any of the sweeteners or ingredients that were banned when TPD/TRPR regulations were introduced. We test every single raw material that is used in our vape juice, as well as testing the final product to ensure it meets all safety standards before being sold to our customers.

                We retain lab samples of every batch produced to ensure any non-conformance that could occur can be rooted out and corrected, along with total traceability for every single component and ingredient.


                Conclusion - Premium Quality Vaping Products Can Cost Less

                As vaping enthusiasts continue to seek the best deals in the UK, prioritizing quality, safety, and affordability remains paramount and LiQuid aims to tick all of those boxes meaning you can shop with the confidence you're getting the best quality product for the best price possible.

                Accessing premium quality vaping products shouldn't have to break the bank, and we make that possible at LiQuid.

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                Fascinating insight. After many many years I would not even consider buying my vape liquids from anyone else. All those years ago you promised they would always cost £1, when all costs for everything have soared your promise has been kept. What a great country we would be if all businesses had your ethic. Thank you for all your superb products.


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