Collection: Replacement Vape Coils

Here at LiQuid, we want to ensure that your e-cigarette performs at its best, and that’s why our selection of vape replacement coils is essential for every vaper.

Vape coils are placed inside your vape tank, and their coil resistance (their power) creates a heating element and ensures fantastic vapour production. Make sure that your electronic cigarette is producing top-quality flavours and vapour by adjusting the power levels and temperature control on your e-cigarette, allowing you to get the most out of your favourite e-liquids whenever you’re vaping. We are proud to stock an extensive collection of replacement vape coils here at LiQuid, to make sure that there is something for everybody's needs. Why not check out our £1 e-liquids for a vast range of delicious flavours?

Here at LiQuid, we stock a wide range of coils from top brands. Choose from brands like SmokInnokin, Vaporesso, Uwell, VoopooAspire, and our LiQuid Pro coils, each one specially designed to work with vape kits designed by the brands. 

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Why choose LiQuid for replacement vape coils

The vape coils from top brands of the devices we sell here at LiQuid are built to last. Our collection has excellent high-resistance coils at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality vaping experience without breaking the bank.

A vape coil is the heart of a vape device, and we know how important it is to maintain your vape so that you can continue to vape with no stress of when your vape coil is going to burn out. This is why we sell all of our vape coils in multi-packs, meaning you'll always have a supply at hand when it's time to replace your coil.

We also offer free UK delivery on orders over £20. So grab yourself a pack of coils and some e-liquids and enjoy free delivery from us!

Getting the best out of your e-liquids

Pairing the right vape juice with the right type of coil is very important and it's essential that you get this right if you really want to get the most out of your vape juice. The resistance of the coil will dictate which specific e-liquid should be used with them to ensure you get a satisfying vaping experience. 

If you use coils with a resistance of 1.0ohm or high which is designed for mouth to lung vaping, then you'll want to use a vape juice that's a 50/50 VG:PG Ratio. Freebase nicotine vape juice or nic salts will work perfectly with these MTL coils as high resistance coils are designed for low wattage output. 

If you used sub-ohm coils, which are coils with a resistance of 0.9ohm or lower, you can use High VG vape juice. This is because lower resistance coils are capable of being ran at a higher wattage, which will turn the thicker e-liquid into vapour a lot easier. 

Choosing the right coil is essential, so know what you want to achieve with your vape kit and you will be sure to succeed.

Allowing you to carry on vaping effortlessly

Whether you need replacement coils, a new vape kit or a top up on your e-liquid, we have everything you need and more to ensure that you're able to keep your e-cigarette in top working condition. 

We've carefully hand picked the devices which we sell on LiQuid to ensure you get the best quality device to pair with the best quality vape juice. Some of the replacement coils available that we sell for popular vape kits include: 

Once you've found the right coil for your kit, don't forget to stock up on your favourite e-liquids while you're shopping. At just £1 per bottle, you can treat yourself to a brand-new vape experience, including menthol fruit and classic tobacco e-liquids.

When to change your vape coil

If you taste a burnt flavour, it is likely time to change your vape coil. The vape coil is the component in the tank that vaporises your e-liquid, defining the quality and strength of the flavour. The higher the quality of the coil, the more you will get out of your favourite vaping flavour.

However, the material inside vape coils will ultimately burn, resulting in an awful flavour - at which point you'll know it's time to change your coil. Lower-priced vape coils sometimes compromise the quality of the materials used, requiring you to change them more frequently. While cheaper coils may appear to be the obvious choice at first, their tendency to degrade quickly makes them more expensive in the long run. If you are planning a long trip or a holiday make sure you have enough replacement coils with you to keep you going - particulalry if leaving the country. If your holiday destination allows vaping but doesn't permit the sale of vape gear, you might find yourself stuck with few options if your only coil burns out so stck up ahead of time and plan properly! If you are unsure about whether your should be bringing vape gear wth you on your next trip, check out our complete guide to vaping and air travel.

Replacement coils have never been handier

When it comes time to replace a vape coil, it might first seem difficult, especially if there is still e-liquid in the tank. When the tank is empty, changing the coil is much less messy, although it is not always an easy process. While experienced vapers can quickly change their vape coils with minimal hassle, it is a frequent barrier for vapers making the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Fortunately, thanks to their unique Rapid Replace Coil System, EDGE Pro coils allow you to change your vape coils without ever having to open your tank. Simply remove the mouthpiece containing the coil and replace it - with no mess or spillages. You can replace your vape coil in no time because there is no technique to master.

What Is a Vape Coil? 

A coil to a vape is like what the heart is to the human body. And if it isn’t looked after, it won’t function properly and neither will your vape! 

This is the part of your vape that is responsible for heating up the e liquid to turn into vapour which you inhale and exhale to get your nicotine fix. 

Pre-built coils consist of a small piece of wire wrapped around a specific amount of times which then gives the ohms reading. Then a piece of cotton wick is threaded through which your vape juice soaks into, and the coil heats up this liquid and cotton to produce the vapor. 

It’s then housed in a metal casing and that’s essentially what standard coils are!

What Are Ohms and Resistance? 

Without getting too scientific, ohm level measures electrical resistance and this is what influences the taste of your vape juice as well as the cloud production. Higher resistance coils must be ran at low wattages, and lower resistance coils must be ran at higher wattages as we explain below.

The lower the ohms, the higher wattage it can be run at, and the more cloud and flavour you will get. 

And to reverse, the higher the ohms, the lower wattage it must be ran at, and this will only produce smaller amounts of vapour.

Plus Ohm Coil = 1.0hm or higher. Suitable for mouth to lung vaping. 

Sub Ohm Coil = 0.9ohms or lower. Suitable for restricted direct to lung or direct to lung vaping. 

What Different Type Of Vape Coils Are There?

Ceramic Coil – Ceramic coils are commonly associated with sub ohm vape coils. They can tolerate higher wattages and air passes through the materials used easier to be able to produce more vape cloud.

Mesh Coil – The more commonly used coil that’s on the market today. The mesh is normally wrapped around the cotton to enhance the flavour of whatever vape juice you’re using. And it also aids in your cotton staying saturated so you won’t get an unfriendly dry hit.

When Do I Change My Vape Coil?

You’ll know when you need to change your vape coil as your vape juice will not taste right. How long coils last all depends on how much you vape. If you are a frequent vaper, then chances are your coil will last you less time than if you were a more infrequent vaper.

The tell tale sign is when you go to have a puff on your vape, you may get a burnt cotton taste. That’s a signal that your coil has reached the end of it’s life and it’s time to change it. 

Another tell tale sign is you may find your vape juice in your tank/pod is starting to turn a darker colour than normal. This will be from the cotton inside your coil housing being burnt and changing the colour of your e liquid. Coils usually last for around 7 days before they will need changing. Different coil types will have different life spans, like sub-ohm coils being ran at a high wattage may not last as long as what low resistance coils do.

How Do I Change My Vape Coil?

If your vape device uses replaceable coils, the method to changing them is fairly universal, however some are different to others. 

Some will be an unscrew the old one, and screw in the new one of the base of the tank. If this is yours, take care when fitting the new coil, as over tightening it can cause an error within your device and it may not read the coil properly. 

Other tanks are push in and pull out which is straight forward to do. And if you use a replaceable pod device, most of the time, the coils will already be preinstalled within the pods, so you just need to dispose of the old pod and put in a new pod. 

What Does Priming A Coil Mean?

Priming is the name given to what you do when fitting a new coil or vape pod into your vape device. 

This means filling your new tank or pod with a fresh coil installed up with vape juice and leaving it to soak into the coil properly before using it. If you failed to do this, the cotton won’t be properly saturated, and chances are you will instantly burn the cotton and that will be your new coil ruined. 

What Vape Juice Can Be Used With What Coil?

Using the correct vape juice with the correct coil is a crucial part of vaping, and can essentially make or break a coil! 

If you use a plus ohm coil, it’s always recommended to use 5050 vape juice. This is because the vape juice is a relatively thin consistency, and it will pass through the cotton of the coil easy to be heated up and turned to vapour. 

If you use a sub ohm device & coil, it’s recommended to use high vg vape juice over 5050. Because high vg vape juice is thicker, it will properly absorb into the cotton, whereas the latter will not absorb and make cause leakage issues.