Collection: Vape Replacement Coils

Here at LiQuid, we want to ensure that your e-cigarette performs at its best, and that’s why our selection of vape replacement coils is essential for every vaper.

Vape coils are placed inside your vape tank, and their coil resistance (their power) creates a heating element and ensures fantastic vapour production. Make sure that your electronic cigarette is producing top-quality flavours and vapour by adjusting the power levels and temperature control on your e-cigarette, allowing you to get the most out of your favourite e-liquids whenever you’re vaping. We are proud to stock an extensive collection of replacement vape coils here at LiQuid, to make sure that there is something for everybody's needs. Why not check out our £1 e-liquids for a vast range of delicious flavours?

Here at LiQuid, we stock a diverse range of vape coils which fit most popular e-cigarette models. Choose from Innokin, Aspire, Smok, and our LiQuid Pro coils, each one specially designed to work with e-cigarettes in their range. 

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Why choose LiQuid for replacement vape coils

The vape coils in our LiQuid devices are built to last. Our collection has excellent high-resistance coils at affordable prices, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality vaping experience without breaking the bank.

LiQuid's vape coils are designed by vapers for vapers. We understand how industry-leading coils can enhance the vaping experience; they must give maximum flavour in the most efficient manner while only lasting a few days before needing to be replaced. Our production techniques yield vape coils with long-lasting performance and high quality.

Getting the best out of your e-liquids

To ensure that you're getting the best out of your e-liquids, you need to change your e-cig coils as soon as you start to notice a change in the flavour, little vapour production, or a leaking device. If you're unable to differentiate between liquids, or if you start to experience that burnt flavouring as you vape, it's time to invest in a replacement.

Allowing you to vape effortlessly

Whether you need a single e-cig coil or want to take advantage of our replacement coil multi-packs, we have everything you need and more to ensure that you're able to keep your e-cigarette in top working condition. Once you've found the right coil for your kit, don't forget to stock up on your favourite e-liquids while you're shopping. At just £1 per bottle, you can treat yourself to a brand-new vape experience, including menthol fruit and classic tobacco e-liquids.

When to change your vape coil

If you taste a burnt flavour, it is likely time to change your vape coil. The vape coil is the component in the tank that vaporises your e-liquid, defining the quality and strength of the flavour. The higher the quality of the coil, the more you will get out of your favourite vaping flavour.

However, the material inside vape coils will ultimately burn, resulting in an awful flavour - at which point you'll know it's time to change your coil. Lower-priced vape coils sometimes compromise the quality of the materials used, requiring you to change them more frequently. While cheaper coils may appear to be the obvious choice at first, their tendency to degrade quickly makes them more expensive in the long run. The EDGE team takes pleasure in developing vape coils that will last a long time and provide high-quality vaping throughout their lifecycle.

Replacement coils have never been handier

When it comes time to replace a vape coil, it might first seem difficult, especially if there is still e-liquid in the tank. When the tank is empty, changing the coil is much less messy, although it is not always an easy process. While experienced vapers can quickly change their vape coils with minimal hassle, it is a frequent barrier for vapers making the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Fortunately, thanks to our unique Rapid Replace Coil System, our LiQuid Pro coils allow you to change your vape coils without ever having to open your tank. Simply remove the mouthpiece containing the coil and replace it - with no mess or spillages. You can replace your vape coil in no time because there is no technique to master.

What are sub-ohm coils?

Coil resistances are measured in Ohms. Coils with low resistance heat up faster and are optimised for increased power output. Any vaping coil that measures less than 1.0 ohm is dubbed "sub-ohm," and these coils are often designed to be utilised at greater power levels.

Sub-ohm coils generate bigger clouds of vapour than standard vaping, so this is dependent on your preference.