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Smok have been long standing manufacturers within the vaping industry and are renowned for their impressive range of vapes kits and tanks, offering some of the best vape kits on the market, and we have two of the best that money can buy right here on LiQuid! Smok products are perfect for anyone regardless of their vaping experience, whether you're a vaping beginner looking to buy your first starter kit, or an experienced vaper wanting to experience the best Smok can offer, we've got you covered. 

SMOK Kits are renowned for their simplistic designs, easy to use features and supreme build qualities which excel above other brands and put them firmly on the platform as one of the lead vape brands thanks to the unique vape kits Smok has produced which separates them from other brands of e cigarettes.

Shop our range of Smok vape products now and find what's best for you as you embark or continue on your vaping journey! Get free UK delivery on all orders over £20 plus get a free 10ml e liquid with every Smok vape pod kit.

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Smok Nord 4 Pod Vape Kit

The Smok Nord 4 is a refillable sub-ohm vape pod kit. Featuring an impressive 2000mah battery, this will give you all day charge and usage meaning you won't have to worry about constantly charging it if you're out and about!

Whilst being primarily a sub-ohm device, you can use the full range of replacement Smok coils designed for the Nord 4 to experience different vaping styles such as mouth to lung, restricted direct to lung or direct to lung vaping, meaning this vape pod is designed for all vaping styles which every you want to try! 

Featuring adjustable wattage settings, you can have it set to your desired range appropriate to your coils for a smooth and flavoursome vaping experience!

Smok Nord 5 Pod Vape Kit

Following on from the success of the Nord 4, Smok introduced the latest device to join the Nord family which is the Nord 5. 

With similar features to the Nord 4, the upgraded features include a clearer and large OLED display screen so you can customise your settings, as well as using the new and improved RPM3 coils. The RPM3 coils are only compatible with Smok Nord 5, and are not backwards compatible to fit in the Smok Nord 4, so bare that in mind if you're looking to upgrade!

One of the best beginner vape kits on the market now available on LiQuid!


Is Smok Nord a Suitable Vape for Beginners?

It sure is! Smok has been releasing different vaping devices suited for all levels of vaping over the years, and the Nord is suitable for both beginners and more advanced vapers with it’s advanced technology which always remains user friendly. 

We would recommend the Smok Nord as the ideal alternative for a disposable vape if that's what you have been using as your preferred vape device. With disposable vapes set to be banned in the UK in the not-so-distant future, it's worth considering your options and making the switch now.

Which Coils and Pods Work in the Nord 4 and Nord 5? 

There are different coils available to use for the Nord 4 as well as the Nord 5. Smok coils are made from mesh so will offer a supreme flavour and vape experience regardless of which ones you use. But it’s crucial that you buy the right coils to fit the pods as despite them being the same device, they do only fit specific coils which we explain below;

Coils for Smok Nord 4 – The Smok Nord 4 uses Smok RPM 2 Coils. These are available from LiQuid in 0.16 / 0.25 / 0.6-ohm resistance. 

Coils for Smok Nord 5 – The Smok Nord 5 uses Smok RPM 3 Coils. These are available from LiQuid in 0.15 / 0.23-ohm resistance. 


As with the coils, each device fits different pods, and the pods are only designed for the specific Smok devices as explained below.

Smok Nord 4 uses RPM 2 Replacement Pods and the Smok Nord 5 uses RPM 3 Replacement Pods

What Is The E-Liquid Capacity of Nord Pods?

All Nord pods have a vape juice capacity of 2ml. This is the maximum capacity that a tank/pod which holds vape juice can be to adhere to TPD regulations.

Can I Change The Wattage On My Nord? 

Yes, it is. Both the Nord 4 and Nord 5 have adjustable wattage. Both have clear LED screens which display your wattage, and easy to use buttons to put it up or down depending on what you want. 

How Do I Charge My Smok Nord? 

Smok Nord vape devices are chargeable via USB-C. Both the Nord 4 and Nord 5 have fast charging capabilities meaning you can charge your battery from low to near full in just over 90 minutes. 

What's the Best Vape Juice To Use In the Smok Nord? 

You can use high VG vape juice in your Nord as well as 50-50 vape juice or nicotine salts. If you did use nicotine salt vape juice, we would recommend using your device at a lower wattage so it will not be overwhelming.