Vaping Rules For Travelling in Europe 2024

Vaping Rules For Travelling in Europe 2024 Oliver Norman

Vaping Rules For Travelling in Europe 2024

The fairer months of the year are coming around quickly, and we’re sure there’s plenty of you out there starting to think about getting away from it all – Holiday season is coming!

As vapers, we’re often left a little confused about what rules we do or don’t need to pay attention to when taking our devices and e-liquids abroad.

If you’re wondering how e-liquids fit into your liquid allowance, where vaping is legal or illegal, or if you are curious about different airlines policies on vaping, we’ve got all that an more covered in our 2024 guide to vaping and air travel.

 Stick with us here however, as we take a look at some of the destination (slightly) closer to home – after all, we Brits love a good Euro-trip!

*The information included in this blog was accurate at the time of writing, however vaping policy is still evolving really quickly, so it’s always best to run any burning questions by your travel agent, airline provider or even the hotel you intend to stay at; the staff should be able to help with any questions about local rules for vapers!

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Is Vaping Banned in Europe?

Thankfully no, European countries are amongst the most accepting of vaping globally, with that said though you do need to be careful about little differences between national laws, such as vaping in public places, as these can differ a little from place to place.

Recently, there has been a few changes regarding vaping legislations in certain European countries which you may not be aware of. But do not fear, as we will detail these changes in this blog to bring you up to speed! Keeping up to date on these developments will be important to ensure you can travel happily with your vape, drama-free.

The important thing to remember is that while in many places, including the UK, vaping products from pods to nic salts are all considered consumer products containing an addictive substance and are regulated as such. Some EU nations however classify them as medical devices and products, which can mean their sale and use are restricted in ways we are less accustomed to.

Turkey is one of the more restrictive nations in Europe regarding vaping. While not banned outright, you can’t actually buy any vape kits or e liquids when you’re there as none have been successfully licenced. You can however use those you have brought with you without fear (so long as that isn’t indoors or on public transport). Just make sure they last for your whole trip, as you won’t be able to replace them until you get back to Blighty.

A good rule of thumb is to always be aware of local laws and customs, as well as social etiquette. Don't just start vaping wherever you happen to be, especially in confined public spaces that may raise eyebrows and cause problems. Don’t be a menace!

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European Countries with Vaping Regulations

We’ve already mentioned Turkey above, but they aren’t alone in having stricter regulations for vaping than we do here in the UK. Since May 2016, member states of the European Union have been subject to new rules on vaping that are contained in regulations covering tobacco products sold across the bloc.

The Tobacco Products Directive sets out safety and quality requirements for e-cigarettes containing nicotine; in particular "maximum nicotine concentrations and maximum volumes for cartridges, tanks and nicotine liquid containers". Having an idea of these restriction will help ensure you don’t accidentally bring in a product that is illegal.

The directive does not ban vaping products; indeed, member states have their own individual rules regarding their use it’s all very similar to the way it works here in the UK.

However, the EU regulations concerning e-cigarettes state that they must carry health warnings describing that they contain nicotine and that "cross-border advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes is prohibited" (although unless you plan on doing some vape business on your hols, this last one probably won’t be an issue!).

Again we must stress that where you try to vape abroad is important to be mindful of - many European countries are now starting to ban vaping in public places, including Portugal. has compiled a very comprehensive set of individual vaping rules and regs all in one place that you can search through to make sure you fully understand before you travel. We’ve picked out the highlights from some of the most popular Euro destinations below.

Vaping in Spain

  • Vaping is allowed in Spain. 
  • Vape devices and vape juice is available to buy from tobacconists as well as specialist vape stores which are located throughout Spain.
  • They are classed as a tobacco related product. And the same restrictions apply as here in the UK, meaning to tanks can exceed 2ml capacity and 20mg is the highest nicotine strength available.
  • Minimal restriction on where you can vape. However, vaping in public places such as hospitals, children's playgrounds and government facilities is strictly prohibited. Vaping is also prohibited on public transport such as trains, trams and buses.
  • Spain is renowned for it's gloriously warm weather, and we've got some perfect vape juice flavours to compliment those sunny days! Enjoy a cool and refreshing vape with our Blue Razz Lemonade Bar Salts or getting a cooling and icy blast from our Menthol Mojito Bar Salts!

Vaping in France

  • Vaping is allowed in France. 18+ age of sale
  • Vape juice and vape kits can be bought in Tobacconists or specialist vape shops which are located throughout the whole country of France.
  • They can be classed as consumer or medical products – medical examples may be restricted to tourists
  • You will not be able to purchase vape juice higher than 20mg nicotine strength, nor will you be able to obtain a tank or disposable vape that has a vape juice capacity larger than 2ml.

Vaping in Italy

  • Vaping is allowed in Italy. 18+ age of sale.
  • Vape kits and e liquids are sold in specialist vape shops as well as tobacconists and some convenience stores also, meaning you can get your vape supplies if you run out with no worries!
  • A vape juice tax was introduced in 2022, so you may find that a bottle of vape juice won't be as cheap as what it is if you bought from our £1 range!
  • They are classed as tobacco related products
  • Vaping is not permitted in places where children may be present, such as schools and playgrounds.
  • Italy is full of towns and cities which are beautifully scenic, but well known for it's winding and seemingly never ending streets to walk around. Having your vape on hand will be essential to get you through these long walks, and the Aspire Gotek X is the perfect pocket sized, lightweight vape device to accompany you on your travels!

Vaping in Germany

  • Vaping is allowed in Germany, but some parts of Germany has enforced vaping restrictions you must be aware of before travelling.
  • If you're travelling to Germany for the Euros 2024, be aware that vaping is strictly forbidden in all of the stadiums where the games are taking place. You could face ejection from the stadium as well as a fine if you are caught vaping inside the stadium.
  • Specialist vape shops as well as Tobacconists are scattered around Germany and they stock everything vape related you may need, from vape kits, to vape coils and of course e liquids too!
  • However, Germany have introduced an e liquid tax which will rise over the course of the next two years. Currently, 10ml vape juice bottles have an additional 20 cents added on top of the previous price.
  • We would recommend stocking up on our cheap e liquids and take them with you on your travels to avoid being stung by inflated prices!
  • The state of Hessen specifically has banned vaping anywhere smoking is also banned, elsewhere you can vape freely but be respectful.

Vaping in Greece

  • Vaping is allowed in Greece. 18+ age of sale
  • You can buy E-Cigarettes and E Liquids in Greece, all vape products sold in Greece adhere to TPD regulations.
  • They are classed as tobacco related consumer products
  • Restrictions on where you can vape in Greece are minimal, but be polite and check your surroundings before having a puff!
  • A cool and icy vape juice will be the perfect choice for those hot days in Greece. Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice Bar Salts will give you a refreshing vaping experience to enjoy whilst basking in the sun!

Vaping in Portugal

  • Vaping is allowed in Portugal
  • You can buy devices and refills out there
  • They are classed as e-cigarettes but treated as tobacco products
  • You cannot vape in many public places or on public transport, watch for the signs
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in The Netherlands

  • There has been a significant change on the rules and regulations of vaping in the Netherlands over the last year which we will document below. 
  • E Liquids are available for purchase in Netherlands but only in specialist vape shops, and no longer available in supermarkets or self serve vending machines. 
  • The only flavours permitted for sale in Netherlands now is Tobacco flavour e liquids, and these are made with very specific ingredients from an authorised list produced by the Dutch Government. 
  • We recommend stocking up on your favourite tobacco flavour e liquids from us here at LiQuid to take on your travels!
  • You cannot vape indoors where smoking is not permitted. Please be conscious of your surroundings and look for signage to know whether you can vape or not before taking a puff

Vaping in Turkey

  • Despite not selling any vape products of any kind, vaping is allowed in Turkey.
  • You cannot purchase anything related to vaping such as e liquids or vape coils in Turkey as they have not been licensed for sale throughout the entire country. 
  • You may take your own e liquids and vapes to use whilst on holiday. If you're wanting something subtle and discreet not to draw attention to yourself, we would recommend the OXVA Artio Vape Kit
  • They are classed as a tobacco product
  • You cannot vape indoors or on public transport. 
  • The minimum age requirement is also different to other countries. You must be 19+ as opposed to 18+ 

Vaping in Croatia

  • Vaping is allowed in Croatia
  • E Liquids are available to purchase from specialist vape shops located around the country, and these adhere to the TPD regulations also, meaning nicotine content will not exceed 20mg nor will bottles that contain nicotine be larger than 10ml.
  • They are classed as a tobacco related product
  • Croatia appear to be a very vape friendly country, with minimal restrictions on where vaping is permitted. As always, check your surroundings before vaping. You cannot vape on public transport.
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Czechia (Prague etc…)

  • Vaping is allowed in Czech Republic
  • E Liquids, vape coils and vape kits are sold in tobacconists, vape shops and selected convenience stores across the country. 
  • They are classed independently as e-cigarettes, which differs from other countries in Europe.
  • Minimal restriction on where you can vape – just be polite and conscious of your surroundings.
  • If your planning on visiting Czechia in the winter, we wouldn't recommend an icy vape juice to take with you, as you'll be cold enough already! Something like a Peach, Passion and Guava Bar Salts will keep your tastebuds refreshed and not frozen!
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Belgium

  • Vaping is allowed in Belgium, however new regulations have been promised for the country and could be introduced this year (2024) 
  • Disposable vapes may be banned from sale as well as being used in the country, so be sure to check the news of this before you travel! 
  • You can buy vape kits and e liquids from specialist vape shops. 
  • They are classed as medicinal products
  • Vaping is not permitted in enclosed public places where smoking is not permitted. Meaning you cannot vape inside an e cigarette retail shop which may catch some people out. You can face up to an 8000 Euro fine if you break the rules.
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Bulgaria

  • Vaping is allowed in Bulgaria
  • You can buy devices and refills out there, but they cannot be sold in certain public places (schools, hospitals, dormitories etc…)
  • They are classed as tobacco related products
  • Minimal restriction on where you can vape – just be polite!
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Sweden

  • Vaping is allowed in Sweden
  • You can buy devices and refills out there
  • They are classed as both tobacco related and medical products
  • You cannot vape in: places intended for childcare, school activities, or other activities intended for children or youth, places where health care is provided, domestic public transport, and restaurants, except for rooms designated for smoking specifically.
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Iceland

  • Vaping is allowed in Iceland
  • You can buy devices and refills out there
  • They are classed independently as e-cigarettes
  • You cannot vape near schools or health centres
  • 18+ age of sale

Vaping in Norway

  • Vaping is allowed in Norway
  • You can only buy 0mg e-liquid and devices, nicotine content is banned, unless imported for private medical use (you won’t be able to do this so bring what you need)
  • They are classed as a medical tobacco surrogate
  • You cannot vape in public venues, public transport, restaurants, bars, or schools
  • 18+ age of sale including 0mg products – no nicotine products available

We hope this guide proves useful for you and wish you all the best on your hols this year! Don’t forget to double check the rules haven’t changed before you fly, and even where there are no restrictions, do us proud and be a positive vaping ambassador!

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