Your LiQuid favourites, now extra smooth! Say hello to the LiQuid Nic Salt collection, utilising our new and improved nicotine salt formula to deliver unbeatable satisfaction. Nic Salts utilise a special form of nicotine designed to neutralise its naturally harsh taste, meaning you can enjoy the intense satisfaction of 20mg with a throat hit as smooth as a 3! An ideal option for recent ex-smokers looking to try vaping, or those vapers that struggle to get the satisfaction they need without being forced to endure the harsher throat-hit typical of traditional freebase e-liquids. To learn more about nic salt e-liquids check out our blog or dive straight in and browse the range below!  

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Enjoy Great Tasting Nic Salt E-liquid Made With Only the Highest Quality Nicotine Salts at LiQuid

Although the rise in popularity of nic salt vape juice has been fairly recent, the benefits of nic salts in recent years has been hard to ignore. For those who have always smoked stronger traditional cigarettes and are used to the strong hit that they provide, Nic salt e liquids are capable of replicating this effect - helping them to move forward in order to improve their health. For many individuals, the smoothness of the vapour can also be an attractive aspect versus standard, high propylene glycol e-liquids – known for their harsh back-of-the-throat hit. The main benefit of nicotine salt e liquid, is that they allow vapers to go for longer between periods of satiation, helping to prepare them for the day when they finally say goodbye to nicotine for good.

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