Collection: Bar Salt E-Liquids - High Quality Disposable Vape Alternatives

Say hello to the LiQuid Bar Salt collection! Our super smooth range of nic salt e-liquids in best-selling, modern, disposable vape style flavours! If you are looking for an alternative to disposable vape bars like Elf Bar, SKE Crystal, Geek Bar or Elux, then look no further than our extensive £2 range!

Why are these e-liquids £2? - Bar juice vape liquids are designed to offer the same big, bold flavours and smooth satisfying nicotine hit offered by disposable vapes when used with a refillable vape kit or pod device. This means we’ve blended extra-premium, double concentrated flavours with our high-grade nic salt formula to create a 10ml vape juice range that is sure to satisfy - and they are still less than half the price of other nic salt brands, and only a third of the cost of a disposable vape bar.

With over 30 best-selling bar juice vape flavours to choose from in a range of 20mg (2%), 10mg (1%), and 5mg (0.5%) nicotine strengths, if you want to move away from disposables, or just want a vape that can beat powerful cravings without the throat hit of freebase 50-50 e-liquids – this range is for you!

To learn more about nic salt e-liquids check out our blog or dive straight in and find your new favourite in the range below!  

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Experience The Great Taste of Disposable Vapes Now In 10ml Bottles

We know just how many vapers out there have fallen in love with the bold flavours and smooth hit offered by disposable vape bars like Elf, Geek, and SKE Crystal. The problem is, these devices don’t last very long, cost a lot of money, and are really bad for the environment (you can learn more about all this in our blog)

The good news is that by combining our 10ml bar juice e-liquid with a refillable vape kit you can enjoy the taste you love in a device that will last! Save yourself money, spare the environment, and trust that the e-liquid you are vaping has ben made in the UK to strict safety and quality standards, in line with TPD and TRPR regulations.

Nic salt e-liquids come with lots of potential benefits – if you are a new vaper looking for something that can help you manage strong cravings, but don’t enjoy a harsh throat hit, then nic salts are an ideal solution. Nicotine salts also absorb into your system faster and provide longer lasting satisfaction than freebase nicotine found in traditional 50-50 e-liquids.

Get free delivery on all orders over £15! We also offer an amazing range of freebase 50-50 vape juice and High VG juices too.

Want to know more about bar salt e-liquids? Check out the FAQs below:

What are Bar Salts?

Bar salts, also known as bar juice is nic salt e-liquid blended to replicate the experience offered by disposable vapes when paired with refillable vape kits. They use premium double concentrated flavourings matching the best-selling profiles of all leading disposable vape bars, paired with smooth nicotine salicylate (our chosen nic salt formula) to deliver high strength satisfaction without a harsh throat hit.

Why is Bar Juice more expensive?

Unlike the e-liquids in our £1 range, bar juices utilise double concentrated flavourings carefully developed to taste more premium while being at the peak of modern safety standards. Our nic salt formula has been rigorously tested to ensure it delivers a consistently high quality, smooth vaping experience at all strengths without impacting the flavours you love – all this quality and satisfaction can be yours for just £2, less than half the cost of the next leading nic salt brands.

What is the difference between Bar Juice and nic salts?

Nic salt e-liquids utilise traditional style flavours like those found in our core £1 range. They are delicious, but less bold than modern bar salt flavours which are double concentrated to give you a more intense flavour hit. 

Both bar and nic salt vape juices contain nicotine salts, which have a neutral taste – this is why they can be vaped at higher strengths without delivering the kind of harsh throat hit a high strength freebase e-liquid would typically have. Bar salts are a modern e-liquid style designed to be a great alternative to disposable vapes.

Does Bar Juice contain more nicotine?

Bar juice is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strengths. Our core range of freebase 50-50 juices only go as high as 18mg – meaning the 20mg bar juice contains more nicotine than our freebase options. The 5mg and 10mg variants however do not. 

It can feel as though bar juice contains more nicotine because of the higher impact nicotine salt has on your body – it absorbs faster and satisfies cravings for longer but does not actually contain any more nicotine than other liquids.

What is the PG/VG Ratio of Bar Juice?

Our bar juice use the same 50-50 PG/VG ratio as our other 10ml flavours; however they utilise even more premium flavour concentrates, and an extra-smooth nic salt formula.

What’s the difference between Bar Juice and a disposable vape? 

Bar Juice tastes just like your favourite disposable vape, but they are in a free-pour 10ml bottle. This means unlike disposable vapes which cost circa £6 and contain only 2ml of e-liquid, you can now get 10ml of the same bold tasting nic salt vape juice for only £2 – plus you can put them in a device of your choosing! This means you aren’t adding to the environmental problems surrounding disposables (there are millions thrown away in the UK every day and they cannot be properly recycled!) But are also saving yourself a lot of money!

What nicotine strengths are bar salts available in?

Our bar salts range is available in 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg nic salt strengths to suit your personal needs. If your chosen flavour isn’t available in all three strengths yet, bear with us and check back soon – we are working on getting all flavours available in all strengths as soon as we can!

How is the flavour so similar to disposable vapes?

We achieve this by using specially formulated double concentrate flavourings. These offer the same bold impactful hit disposable vape users enjoy but are held to proper safety standards unlike true disposable vapes which are imported from China. If you want the taste and satisfaction of bar juice but with a safety guarantee you can trust, check out our range.

Are they suitable for vegetarians / vegans?

Just like all our other e-liquids, the bar juice range is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans – we do not use any animal products in the manufacture of our products.

Can they be used in all vape kits?

Bar juice is best used in devices optimised for 50-50 MTL or RDL style vaping. Refillable pod devices are the best partner as they offer the portability and convenience of a disposable vape in a more economical and ecological package! The Innokin Klypse, VooPoo Argus P1, or Aspire Flexus Q are great options!