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Aspire is one of the leading brands in vaping today and has been for many years. Known for producing an exceptional quality range of vape kits and tanks which are suitable for any level of vaping experience. 

Shop the wide range of Aspire vape kits that we have on offer, featuring the renowned Aspire PockeX, the incredible Aspire Flexus Q Kit and the latest kits to join the already impressive range of products such as Aspire Cyber X or Aspire Gotek X Vape kit!

Whether you're in search of a device tailored for 50-50 style liquid or disposable pods, LiQuid's comprehensive collection of official Aspire vape kits has you covered. Enjoy exceptional vaping experiences at the best prices online, all in one convenient location. And benefit from free UK delivery on all orders over £15! 

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Are Aspire Vape Kits Good for Beginners?

Absolutely they are! Aspire have been making vape kits for several years now and cater to all vapers regardless of their experience.

Whether you’re starting out on your vaping journey or an experienced vaper looking to upgrade your device, Aspire has something to suit you and you can buy them from us here at LiQuid!

Some of the best Aspire starter kits available to buy on LiQuid include: 

Aspire R1 Disposable Vape Kit

This compact pod kit is Aspire's answer for people looking to switch to an alternative from using disposable vapes. Whilst this device is disposable after a specific amount of charges/refills, it is also refillable as well as rechargeable which standard disposable vapes like Elf Bar's are not. 

Aspire K3

The Aspire K3 kit brings a supreme vaping experience with an extremely user friendly design, full flavour produced by the Aspire Nautilus coils and a good amount of vapour production. Being one of the longest standing vape starter kits on the market, buy one and see for yourself why this is valued so highly by vapers around the world. 

Aspire Flexus Q Pod Kit 

Featuring a slimline design, this vape kit is a compact refillable e cigarette that utilises Aspire AF mesh coils that deliver long life as well as maximum flavour from your vape juice, housed inside replaceable Aspire Flexus Q pods. 

What Vape Juice Can I Use in Aspire Devices?

It all depends on which coil is used as this will determine what vape juice can be used within your Aspire device. All vape juice ranges that we sell are compatible with Aspire kits, but depending on the coil which is used will determine what vape juice you can use.

If your coil is 1.0ohm or higher, we recommend using 5050 vape juice from our £1 range or our Bar Salts range. These work exceptionally well in the range of refillable pod vape kits that Aspire produced. 

If your coil is 0.9ohms or less, you can still use 5050 vape juice, but also High VG vape juice from our 10ml range. Aspire do produce sub ohm vape kits also, and we stock one here at LiQuid! The Aspire Zelos 3 vape kit has variable wattage, as well as a separate vape tank which you can refill with High VG e liquids if you're using a sub ohm vape coil.

How Do I Charge My Aspire Device?

The majority of the range of Aspire kits which we have on offer here at LiQuid charge by USB-C. And also utilises Aspire’s fast charge technology. 

For example, the Aspire Flexus can charge 80% in 10 minutes thanks to the 3A fast charge technology. 

What Coils Work In Aspire Vape Tanks or Pods?

Aspire produce coils that are specific for each Aspire device or Aspire Tank. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal coil that will fit every Aspire device.

We sell replacement Aspire coils for every Aspire E-Cig kit that is available to purchase on LiQuid!

Can I Change The Wattage On My Aspire Device?

The only Aspire e cigarette that we offer that has variable wattage is the Aspire Zelos 3 Kit. This features variable wattage which goes up to 80w. 

This kit is more aimed at an advanced vaper who may be looking for an upgrade to their kit. 

All other Aspire devices will auto set the wattage based on which coil is used.