Collection: SKE Crystal Original Nic Salt E-Liquids

Say hello to the SKE Crystal original nic salt vape juice range from the UK’s top selling SKE Crystal Bar disposable vapes! With 10 tantalising flavours to choose from any fans of crystal bar salts looking for an alternative to single-use vapes can enjoy their favourite disposable flavour in a better value 10ml bottle, and free delivery on orders over £20!

Available in two nicotine strengths of 10mg (1%) and 20mg (2%), these 50-50 nic salt vape liquids pair perfectly with pod devices to create a like-for-like vaping experience to using a disposable vape but without the environmental or financial impact! Bold flavours blend brilliantly with smooth nic salts, which deliver fast-acting, long-lasting craving satisfaction but with almost no throat hit!

You can learn more about these ‘bar salt’ e-liquids in our blogs, but if you are looking for an alternative to disposable vape bars, or just want a high nicotine strengths e-liquid without the throat hit, check out the range below!

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SKE Crystal FAQs - The Official Vape Juice from SKE Crystal Bar Disposable Vapes

What Is SKE Crystal Vape Juice?

SKE Crystal vape juice is the 10ml nicotine salts range made by the same manufacturers behind the incredibly popular SKE Crystal Bar disposable vapes, offering the same great flavours now in 10ml bottles!

About ske crystal bar vape juice

All you need to know about sKE crystal E-Liquid

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SKE Crystal Bar Flavours Now in 10ml Bottles

If you enjoy the great flavours that are used in SKE Crystal Bars, you can now enjoy the same great tasting e-liquids in 10ml bottles! A cheaper and more convenient way to enjoy SKE Crystal e-liquid


Made With Smooth Nicotine Salts

SKE Crystal vape juice is made with the same smooth and satisfying nicotine salt base, just like what it is in the disposable vapes. So you will get a like for like nicotine experience with every single puff you have!


Pair with any MTL refillable Vape kit

If you're looking for a true disposable like vaping experience, we would recommend pairing SKE Crystal vape juice with a mouth to lung vape kit, such as a refillable pod vape device or a pen vape. SKE Crystal vape juice is mixed at a 50VG/50PG ratio.


Cheaper Than Buying Disposable Vapes!

The average RRP of a SKE Crystal disposable vape is around £6, and you only get 2ml of vape juice inside each Crystal Bar. For just over half the cost, you can get a 10ml bottle which is 5 times the amount of vape juice compared to a disposable vape!