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Killa Nicotine Pouches have been around for a while now, but they have now began emerging as one of the leading brands of nic pouches on the UK market.

Originating from Denmark, Killa nicotine pouches were launched by N.G.P Tobacco in 2016. Inspired by the rising popularity of oral tobacco products, Killa was created to create a tobacco-free alternative without compromising on quality or precision.

Killa is renowned for their intense flavour options, which range from a classic Mint flavour to more sweeter flavours such as Grape Ice and Cola. Available in only one nicotine strength, 12.8mg, Killa nic pouches are designed for more experienced nic pouch users looking for an intense flavour experience with a punchy nicotine hit too.

Choose Killa for a premium, smokeless nicotine experience that combines strength, flavour, and convenience.

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Who Can Use Killa Nicotine Pouches?

We would recommend Killa nicotine pouches be used by those who are more experienced with nicotine pouches and have a higher tolerance for nicotine. As Killa nic pouches only come as 12.8mg nicotine strength, this is on the higher end of the scale and may be a bit overwhelming to those who are new to using pouches.

What Flavours Are Available To Buy? 

We're proud to offer Killa nicotine pouches in four different flavours. Banana Ice, Melon, Grape Ice and Apple. Killa are renowned for their intense flavourings with their nicotine pouches and these flavours are some of their best on the market!

How Many Nic Pouches Come In A Can?

With every can of Killa Nicotine Pouches, you get 20 invidiual pouches for your enjoyment.