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EDGE Vaping is known for its sleek designs and user-friendly features, offering a range of vape kits that cater to both beginners and experienced vapers. Whether you're looking for a lightweight and compact device or a versatile all-in-one pen, EDGE has something to suit your needs.

EDGE's cutting-edge technology and high-quality e-liquid flavours deliver consistent vaping experiences that satisfy all needs. Experience the simplicity and elegance of EDGE vape kits – explore the range below.

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The EDGE GO is a lightweight and compact vaping device that epitomises convenience. Using pre-filled disposable vape pods with a quick and easy click-and-go magnetic locking system, it's perfect for those on the move. Each pod offers 200-250 puffs and comes in a range of EDGE's most popular e-liquid flavours, including best-selling tobacco, fruit, and menthol vape juice. 

The kit includes the EDGE GO device, USB-C fast-charging cable, and instructions. Just pop in your favourite disposable GO Pod, and you're all set! Ideal for new vapers or those seeking a fuss-free alternatives.

The EDGE Pro

The EDGE Pro takes versatility to new heights with its classic design enhanced by patented EDGE technology. The Pro tank section is designed for mess-free and stress-free use, featuring an external filling port and EDGE rapid-release coil technology. 

Refill and maintain your device in seconds without coming into contact with your e-liquid. Housed in durable steel, the lightweight 1500mAh battery provides enough power for all-day vaping. Each new Pro coil comes with a built-in mouthpiece for enhanced hygiene and a consistent experience. 

The pack contains:

  • The EDGE Pro rechargeable battery
  • Tank
  • 1.2 ohm coil
  • Micro USB cable
  • User guide

With its 1.2ohm coil compatibility and convenient pen-style design, the EDGE Pro offers fast charging and effortless maintenance.

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EDGE Vaping brings you a range of vape kits that combine elegance with functionality. The EDGE GO offers the ultimate in convenience with its disposable pre-filled vape pods, while the EDGE Pro provides versatility and ease of use with its rapid-release coil technology

Both devices are designed with the user in mind, offering a seamless vaping experience that caters to your individual preferences. Explore the EDGE range today and discover a world of vaping that's tailored just for you. Whether you're new to vaping or looking for an upgrade, EDGE has the perfect solution to enhance your vaping journey.