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Aspire were established in 2013 and are now one of the global leaders in vaping products including vape coils. Their range of aspire coils and aspire tanks has set the standard for many competitors thanks to their premium quality. From BDC coils, to sub-ohm coils and AVP Pro coils, Aspire coils use cutting-edge technology that combines heat with electric current to give your chosen e-liquid providing a smooth, improved vaping experience. Aspire coils have become extremely popular with vapers internationally, these replacement coils provide better flavour, vapour and last longer than the originals. The range offers Aspire Cleito coils, Aspire Tigon coils, Aspire nautilus coils, Aspire BVC coils, all individually or packed. Check out our full range of coils here at LiQuid.

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Aspire coils provide a range of coils to suit individual vapers wants and needs, the Aspire nautilus coils use Aspire's revolutionary bottom vertical coil (BVC) technology and produce incredible vapor and fantastic flavour, while cleito has tempestuous airflow and creates intense vapor cloud production, they are guaranteed to take flavor to the next level.

Why are aspire coils important?

Aspire coils use innovative technology to keep your e-cigarette performing at its best and ultimately provide a better vaping experience. Your coil is what ensures your e-cigarette is producing top quality, long lasting flavour and vapour production. Aspire coils want you to get the most out of your e-liquids, and therefore have designed a range of different style coils to suit your preferred vaping experience.

Coils and E-liquid

Coils make your e-liquid go further, and are an essential component to vaping. We provide a range of highly affordable e-liquid in a wide variety of flavours. Whether you're looking for something classic with menthol or tobacco or wanting to mix it up with some tantalising fruit, delicious dessert or refreshing drink flavours.


What Coils Do I Use in My Aspire Device? 

Aspire coils are not all universal fitting, meaning that you will have to get coils specific to the Aspire device/tank that you are using. 


Aspire BVC Coils – These fit the Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank or the Nautilus GT/Mini Tank.

Aspire PockeX Coils – These fit the Aspire PockeX device.

Aspire Nautilus Coils – Compatible with the Nautilus or Nautilus 2 Tank. Not compatible with Aspire Nautilus X tank.

Aspire Nautilus X Coils – Only compatible with Aspire Nautilus X Tank.

Aspire AF Mesh Coils – These coils fit a variety of Aspire devices, including the Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Kit.

What Ohms Are Each Coil? 

Each coil that we sell is different ohms, and we’ll guide you through them below. 


Aspire BVC Coils – 1.6ohm

Aspire PockeX Coils – 0.6ohm / 1.2ohm

Aspire Nautilus Coils – 0.3 / 0.7 / 1.6 / 1.8ohm

Aspire Nautilus X Coils – 0.7ohm / 1.8ohm

Aspire AF Mesh Coils – 0.6ohm / 1.0ohm

What Vape Juice Do I Use with Aspire Coils?

We would recommend using 5050 VG/PG vape juice with any Aspire coil that are 1.0ohm or higher. You can also use this vape juice with coils that are 0.7/0.8ohm resistance as well. 


If your coil is 0.6ohm, we’d recommend using a high vg vape juice

How Often Do I Need to Change My Aspire Coil?

The average life expectancy of an Aspire coil is around 7 days. This will vary depending on how frequently you use your vape, as frequent use may result in your coil lasting less time than the 7 days. 


Also, what vape juice could also cause your coil to last less than 7 days. If you use a sweet vape juice, it may cause the cotton to burn quicker, and you’ll have to replace your coil sooner. 

What Materials Are Aspire Coils Made From?

Most Aspire coils are made from standard materials such as kanthal wire and standard cotton. The Aspire AF Mesh coils are made using mesh which is wrapped around the coil which enhances the flavour of your vape juice as well as cloud production. 

Do I Need to Prime My Coil? 

Yes, it’s incredibly important to prime your coil every time you replace it. 


This can be done by installing your new coil, filling up your tank/pod with vape juice and then leaving the juice to saturate into the coil cotton for at least 10 minutes before using your device. 


This gives the cotton a chance to properly absorb the e liquid and become fully saturated meaning you won’t get any horrible dry hits when you go to have a vape.