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What VOOPOO Coil Do I Use in my Device?

Voopoo are renowned for their coil compatibility. These coils can be used with a variety of Voopoo devices that use the PnP tank

What Ohms Are Voopoo Coils?

Voopoo have a great variety of coil resistances which cater to all styles of vaping.


VM1 - 0.3Ohm

VM3 - 0.45 Ohm

VM4 - 0.6Ohm

VM5 - 0.2 Ohm

VM6 - 0.15 Ohm

DW60 - 0.6 Ohm

TW15 - 0.15 Ohm

TW20 - 0.2 Ohm

TW30 - 0.3 Ohm

R2 - 1.0Ohm

What Vape Juice Can I Use with Voopoo Coils?

Voopoo coils are designed to be used with any vape juice. If you use a higher ohm coil such as 0.6 and upwards, then we would recommend using 5050 vape juice or nicotine salt vape juice

If your coil is lower resistance than this, then using high vg vape juice will provide great flavour as well as good cloud production. 

How Do I Prime My Voopoo Coil?

Place your new coil into your tank or pod and fill it up with vape juice. Then leave it for around 10-15 minutes to let the vape juice fully saturate into the cotton of the coil. 

This will ensure your cotton is fully saturated with vape juice and will prevent any dry hits from happening. 

How Long Do Voopoo Coils Last?

The average life span of a vape coil is around 7-10 days. This can vary depending on wattage used on your device, how frequently you use your device and also what vape juice you use. As sweeter vape juice flavours may cause your coil to not last as long.