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Do I Have To Replace The Coil in my Innokin Klypse Pod?

The coils are preinstalled in the Innokin Klypse pods and they are a sealed unit, meaning when the coil has reached the end of it’s life, you simply replace the whole pod. Saves getting your hands messy with vape juice and changing coils!

Do I Have To Replace The Coil in my Innokin Zlide Tank?

Yes, you do. This tank uses Innokin Z coils and are available to buy from us here at LiQuid. 

Can I Use Nic Salts In the Innokin Kylpse? 

You certainly can use nic salts!


The Kylpse is a small and discreet device, and only has a 700mah battery. Meaning it will not be too overpowering, and you will get a smooth and flavoursome vape as well as a punchy throat hit and a subtle amount of vapour production.

How Much Vape Juice Can I Put In? 

The maximum juice capacity any refillable pod and/or tank can hold is 2ml. This is to adhere to the regulations set out by the Tobacco Products Directive in 2016

How Do I Fill My Innokin Kylpse Pod?

Klypse pods feature a user-friendly side fill opening to fill your vape pods. Simply flick the rubber bung back and fill up with your favourite vape juice and put the bung back in place. Easy as that!

How Do I Fill My Innokin Zlide Tank? 

The design of the Innokin Zlide is superb and extremely user friendly. Simply slide the top cap over, and put your juice bottle nozzle through the rubber bung and fill your tank up.