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Who Are EDGE?

EDGE are the leading manufacturer of vape juice in the UK. Based in the north of England, they are well known for their premium quality vape juices which are available in most supermarkets, convenience stores and newsagents across the country. 

They have now cast their expertise into vaping hardware and created an incredible device called the EDGE Pro, which is a refillable vape device suitable for anyone at any level of vaping experience. 

They’ve also created the EDGE GO, which is a disposable pod vape device, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting your hands messy with vape juice when changing coils or refilling. The pods are prefilled, and you just clip them into the device and away you go! 

What Vape Juice Can I Use in EDGE Pro?

With the device using 1.2ohm coils, we would recommend using either 50/50 vape juice or nicotine salt vape juice. 

However, High VG vape juice can also be used in these devices as the coils have been designed to be versatile with whatever vape juice you want to use in it. 

Is The EDGE Pro Suitable For Beginners? 

Despite it’s ‘Pro’ moniker, it actually is an ideal vape device for beginners if you’re starting out on your vaping journey! 

It’s extremely user friendly, no variable wattage settings to change or understand, as the device does all the work and automatically sets it based on the ohms of the coil used. 

Filling the device is straightforward also, unscrew the top cap and fill the tank with juice up to the clearly marked line, and put the cap back on…easy as that!

Changing the coil is simple too, just unscrew it, take the coil out, put a new one in and tighten that back in place, and you’re done! No mess, no fuss!

What Is Edge GO?

The EDGE Go is a disposable pod device, which utilizes prefilled pods to give ultimate convenience when it comes to vaping! 

If you didn’t want to change coils, or fill up with vape juice, then this device is for you! The pods are prefilled with EDGE’s incredible vape juice and you can pick what nicotine strength suits you. 

Replacement pods come in packs of 2, and offer a convenient and affordable way to vape. 

How Do I Charge The EDGE Pro?

The EDGE Pro & EDGE Go both charge by Micro USB cable, and the cable is included in the box.