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Übbs are a nicotine pouch brand who are based in the UK. They offer top-quality nicotine pouches made with premium ingredients. These small and discreet pouches are an excellent alternative to smoking or vaping. 

Übbs nicotine pouches come in a variety of flavours and nicotine strengths, catering to a wide range of preferences. Experience a satisfying nicotine experience that is smoke-free and vapour-free meaning you can use UBBS nicotine pouches wherever you are.

Choose Übbs in a nicotine strength that is suitable for you for a convenient and effective nicotine solution that fits seamlessly into any lifestyle.

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What Nicotine Strength Do Ubbs Nic Pouches Come in?

We're happy to offer the incredible Ubbs nicotine pouches in two different nicotine strengths; 6mg and 11mg. This means that there is a strength that caters to each individuals needs, whether you're new to using nicotine pouches or if you're a more experience user looking for an intense and satisfying nicotine rush. 

Are Ubbs A UK Brand?

Yes, UBBS Nic Pouches are a UK based brand and their pouches are made using only premium ingredients to make an exceptional nicotine pouch which will leave you feeling satisfied after every use.

What's The Best UBBS Nic Pouch Flavour?

UBBS produce some incredibly flavoursome nicotine pouches and we have picked the best selling 4 flavours which are; Cola Ice, Watermelon, Berry and Menthol. So whether you're looking for a fruity flavour or a refreshing minty flavour, UBBS has something for everyone, available in tapered nicotine strengths!