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If you’re looking for deliciously flavoured disposable vape pods, then our range of much-loved flavours from EDGE Vaping and beyond will be perfect for you.

With disposable vape pods now added to our UK-leading LiQuid range, we have simplified the premium vaping experience. Simply insert a disposable pod into your chosen device and draw; there are no messy e-liquids or settings to worry about with innovative pod system devices. Disposable vape pods offer a great vaping experience in an affordable, long-lasting package, optimised for convenience and pre-filled with flavours that we know our customers will love.

All disposable vape pods in our range contain premium freebase and nic salt e-liquid made from high-grade ingredients that offer an elite-quality taste and balanced throat hit, allowing you to continue to have a great vape experience with a strength that suits your needs.

With free delivery on orders over £20, there is no better time to find your next favourite e-liquid.

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Your new vaping experience is here

LiQuid's reputation has been built upon offering high-quality e-liquids with no compromise on price. As vapers ourselves, we know that e-liquid is only half the experience; simplicity makes vaping much more pleasant.

Now, thanks to our selection of leading disposable vape pods, you can seamlessly switch between your favourite flavours. All you need to do is eject the old vape pod and insert the fresh one. Forget mess and hassle.

These cost-effective disposable vape pods will change your vaping outlook and make you wonder why you did not make the switch earlier. They are among our best-sellers and are already proving hugely popular with our loyal LiQuid customers, and for good reason.

Less hassle, more enjoyment

For even the most experienced vapers, the faff that comes with refilling e-liquids can become bothersome. As vapers ourselves, we know that making the process easier is key, so we have introduced disposable vape pods into our range so you can enjoy premium quality with minimal fuss.

Thanks to our pods, the entire vape kit weighs only a few grams, so you will not feel the bulky weight of vaping paraphernalia. What’s more, we have chosen these disposable vapes to have a long battery life, so you do not have to worry about constantly swapping your pods around, allowing you to taste your favourite e-liquid for longer.

Nicotine strengths to suit your needs

The team at LiQuid knows that no two vapers have the same needs, so we offer our range of delicious e-liquid flavours in a variety of nicotine strengths. Whether you prefer the stronger 18mg, lessened 12mg, or the lower 6mg - we have the e-liquid for you, even 20mg nic salts. Browse the entire range of e-liquids here.

Our pharmaceutical-grade nicotine ensures the highest-quality experience in every e-liquid we produce. What is more, we batch-test all our products in our in-house ISO 17025-accredited analytical laboratory. Each batch exceeds the expectations of our loyal customers - and at prices like this, you will want to try them all.

Whatever the nicotine intensity or flavour you choose, our e-liquids are produced using a sliding scale of PG/VG ratios to enhance the experience.

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How Do You Use A Prefilled Pod?

Using a prefilled pod is straightforward and easy to do regardless of your vaping experience. 

Simply take one pod out of the packet, remove any safety seals & bungs, and clip it into your device.

How Much Vape Juice Is In A Prefilled Pod?

The maximum amount of vape juice which can be put into any prefilled pod is 2ml. This is to adhere to the regulations set out in the Tobacco Products Directive set out in 2016 in the UK.

How Long Do Prefilled Pods Last?

Each pod is estimated to give around 600 puffs. This can be less though depending on how much you use it. 

How Do I Know When To Change The Pod?

Pods are transparent so you’ll always be able to see the amount of vape juice left in your pod which is worth keeping an eye on. 

You may also start to get a burnt taste or a dry hit when you inhale, that means the vape juice has nearly or has ran out, so dispose of that pod and pop a new one in.

Can I Refill Prefilled Pods?

Unfortunately not. These pods are factory sealed and are not designed to be refilled.