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How To Use Nicotine Pouches:
A Step by Step Guide

You may be new to nicotine pouches and are considering using them as an alternative to smoking or vaping or even alongside them, but some questions may be on your mind about how to use them correctly.

Thankfully using nicotine pouches isn't too complicated, so we have broken it down step by step in this blog as well as the benefits of using nicotine pouches correctly to ensure you get a satisfying nicotine experience with every one!

Table of Contents

  • The Benefits of Using Nicotine Pouches
  • Step By Step Guide To Using A Nicotine Pouch
  • Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength
  • What It Feels Like Using A Nicotine Pouch
  • Choosing The Right Flavour For You
  • How Long You Should Keep A Nicotine Pouch In For
  • How Many Nicotine Pouches Should You Use Per Day

The Benefits of Using Nicotine Pouches

Opting to use a nicotine pouch as your preferred source for nicotine replacement therapy does come with a few benefits which we will explain;

Smoke/Vapour Free - There's no inhaling or exhaling required to get your nicotine when using a nicotine pouch as they are completely smoke & vapour free. This is a big benefit to those who may be moving away from smoking and does not want to use an e-cigarette which involves inhaling and exhaling, this leads us nicely into our next point...

Discreet - Nicotine pouches offer subtly and discretion not only due to the fact they do not omit any smoke or vapour, but because they are relatively small in size, and do not cause any bulging of the upper lip when one is in place between your gum and top lip. Meaning you can be getting your nicotine fix without anyone even noticing!

Convenient for On-The-Go - If you smoke or vape, you're not allowed to do either of those on any form of public transport in the UK and the same applies for a lot of work places too. If you are on the go frequently, or work in a busy environment that doesn't allow for many breaks, this is where the benefits of using nicotine pouches really shines, as you can simply pop a nicotine pouch in place wherever you are and it won't disrupt your day nor will it break any laws or rules! 

A Step by Step Guide To Using Nicotine Pouches

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1. Take A Pouch Out Of The Can

You'll want to break the seal that is around the can, it's perforated for easy opening. Then pop the lid of your can open and grab yourself a pouch out.
You can give it a gentle roll between your fingers to loosen the contents of your pouch so it prevents any hard clumps that might have formed within the nicotine pouch and ensure that it will be comfortable when in place between your gum and upper lip.

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2. Place The Pouch In Your Mouth

With your hand that isn't holding the nicotine pouch, grab your top lip and slightly raise it to give enough space between your lip and gum. Then slip the pouch in your mouth so it's resting between your gum and lip. You can either use your tongue to manoeuvre the pouch around or use your fingers until it's sitting comfortably. We would recommend placing it on the upper gum 

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3. Enjoy the Tingle and Let The Nicotine Absorb!

When you first put a pouch in place, you will get a tingling sensation which is perfectly normal as this is just the nicotine beginning to absorb through your gum and into your bloodstream - this is called buccal absorption. You may find it to be quite intense if it's your first time using nicotine pouches but it does gradually ease off and lessen after a few minutes.

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4. Dispose Of The Nicotine Pouch Correctly

Once you feel that your nicotine cravings have subsided, it's time to dispose of your nicotine pouch. You can do this by utilising the compartment which is located within the lid of your can of nicotine pouches which is convenient if you aren't near a bin and want to dispose of your nicotine pouch. Or disposing of your nicotine pouch in a bin once it's done. 

How To Choose Your Nicotine Strength

different nicotine pouch strengths chart

Choosing the correct nicotine strength for your pouches is arguably the most crucial part of the process as this can either make or break your nicotine pouch experience

Nicotine Pouches are different to vaping as nicotine is absorbed in a different way, so if you’re not an experienced user we’d recommend you start on a 3mg or 6mg nicotine pouch.

A 6mg nicotine pouch could feel stronger than a 6mg vape liquid, so it’s quite normal to use a pouch strength which is lower than your normal vape juice strength.

Going too strong can feel uncomfortable, so it’s best to start low. Once you’re more familiar with how a pouch feels at a low strength you then can explore other strengths. We’d give the same advice to smokers looking to quite as well, and you may want to build up the strength the meet cravings.

We've explained this in more detail in our Nicotine Pouch FAQ blog which you can read to gain a clear understanding of how to choose the right nicotine strength for you.

What A Nicotine Pouch Feels Like

As mentioned above, the way that the nicotine absorbs from a nicotine pouch does feel quite different compared to when you either smoke or vape. 

Nicotine pouches are renowned for giving a "tingling" feeling once they are put in place between the upper lip and gum. This tingle effect is perfectly normal and only lasts for the first few minutes of the pouch being placed into your mouth.


The tingle effect is essentially caused by the nicotine absorbing from the pouch through your gum to then into your bloodstream. This effect will be slightly more intense if you opt to use a higher nicotine strength nic pouch so be cautious of this if you're wanting to try the higher strength pouches!

Mint flavoured nicotine pouches are notorious for adding to the tingling effect as well. This doesn't extend the time it lasts, just heightens the effect a little.

Some brands of nicotine pouches such as White Fox add in extra cooling additives to their pouches which gives off a cold/cooling effect to the mouth and this can also enhance the tingling feeling as well. If you think that you won't enjoy this, steer clear of the "extra cold" nicotine pouch flavours!

How To Choose The Right Flavour

Nicotine pouches are available in a variety of different flavours which you can pick from to suit your personal preference. We would recommend opting to choose a flavour of nic pouch which you know you like that flavour/taste of. 

This flavour will come through when the pouch is put in place in your mouth, but it does not omit any odour or leave a smell on your breath which adds another tick to the list of benefits of using nicotine pouches.

From what we have discovered from our consumer research, many have found that using a Fruit flavour nicotine pouch to start acts as a good introduction to nicotine pouches and often provides a successful first experience. As we mentioned above, Mint flavour nic pouches can heighten the tingling sensation which could be off putting if it's your first time using nicotine pouches.

How Long You Should Keep Your Nicotine Pouch In Place

The recommended time range for keeping a pouch in place is anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes, but ultimately, it's up to you how long you want to keep your pouch in! 

The nicotine absorption rate is almost instantaneous as soon as you put your nicotine pouch between your gum and top lip, and some people find a short sharp burst of nicotine is enough for them and may only keep the pouch in for 5-10 minutes. 

45 minutes is pretty much the top end of the time scale but you're in control so once you feel your urges for nicotine are satisfied, simply take the pouch out and dispose of it correctly. 


How Many Nicotine Pouches You Should Use Per Day

There isn't really a definitive answer to how many pouches you should use in a day, as each person's nicotine requirements differ from one another, so you may find that you only use 5 pouches a day if you have a relatively low dependency or tolerance for nicotine. But if you have a higher nicotine dependency/tolerance than you may find you'd use 10 or more pouches a day. 

It all comes down to how often and how intense your cravings for nicotine are and how fast you want to curb them. As when they start creeping in, it's time to reach for your can of nicotine pouches and put one in your mouth so that you can satisfy those cravings. 

You're in total control of your nicotine intake when it comes to pouches, and you may feel satisfaction for a longer duration of time after you've taken the pouch out and may not have to frequently use them, and then again, you could be the opposite and find you're using them more often.

The nicotine strength of the pouches you use will play a pivotal role in this as if you're using a higher strength, then you're absorbing more nicotine thus satisfying your cravings for that longer duration of time. If you're using a low strength and find it's not quite hitting the spot, experiment with one strength up from your using and this may help bring down your usage amounts. 

Written By James Drake

James discovered the world of vaping 7 years ago as an alternative to smoking. Since then, he's become a dedicated enthusiast, experimenting with various e-cigarettes, flavours, and nicotine strengths.

His interest has also expanded to nicotine pouches in the last 12 months, giving him a wealth of real-world experience in the alternative nicotine landscape.

James is committed to sharing his in-depth knowledge to help both new and experienced users make informed decisions about their nicotine alternatives and his blogs are a platform for honest reviews, helpful tips, and discussions.