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Can I Replace The Coil In Voopoo Pods?

If you use the PnP pods, then yes you can change the coil and use whichever ohms suits you and what vaping experience you’re looking for. There are MTL and DTL coils available from us here at LiQuid.

If you use the Argus pods or Ito Cartridges, these already have the coils preinstalled so you just need to replace the whole pod itself when the coil reaches the end of it’s life.

Can I Use Nic Salts In Voopoo Pods? 

Yes, we recommend using nicotine salts in Voopoo pods if you’re using the correct coil. Any coil that is 0.7ohms or higher would be ideal for nicotine salts. The mesh design of the coils enhance flavour to make your vaping experience more enjoyable.

How Much Vape Juice Do Voopoo Pods Hold? 

The maximum juice capacity any refillable pod can hold is 2ml. This is to adhere to the regulations set out by the Tobacco Products Directive in 2016

How Do I Fill My Voopoo Pods?

There are different methods on how to fill your Voopoo pod. A lot of them feature bottom fill, where you pop the bung out and top up with vape juice. 

Other’s will have side fill or top fill, we recommend checking your user manual to understand the process fully.