All new devices and accessories come with a warranty against fault. This means that if your device or accessory stops working properly during the applicable warranty period we will replace free of charge. The applicable warranty periods are as follows:

Batteries and Chargers

The warranty covers any manufacturer defects as well as repairs or replacements if the product is deemed to be faulty or beyond repair.

If the product has been damaged in any way by the customer, we reserve the right to refuse a refund or return.

E-cigarette batteries are consumable items and are expected to degrade and fail over a period of time depending on usage.

These items come with a 30-day warranty and have a life expectancy of 3-6 months.

In the unlikely event that you receive a product that is non-operational from the start, it is considered Dead On Arrival (DOA) and will be replaced (at our own cost) provided you notify us (see our Returns Policy) within 3 days of receipt, provided we have sufficient stock of the item and that you have adhered to our returns policy.

The 30-day warranty will only apply if the battery or charger has been properly maintained and used in accordance with the instructions provided and only used in conjunction with the recommended accessories supplied by NEXTGEN360 LTD.

Your warranty is invalidated if you use our products in conjunction with other products or accessories not supplied by us due to the potential for damage caused by unknown incompatibilities.

We reserve the right to withhold a refund or return until the faulty item has been returned to us and is confirmed to have arrived on-site.


Tanks/Clearomisers and Coils/Atomisers

Tanks and coils are non-returnable and non-refundable for any reason with the exception of those covered by our DOA terms.

Longevity, performance, and taste are not covered under warranty.

Clearomisers and atomiser heads (coils) are sold as single use items and are warranted under the DOA terms ONLY if they fail to function on first use, OR if they do not show a resistance measurement when checked with a multimeter.

The customer must contact us regarding such faults within 24 hours after receiving the item in order for the warranty to be applicable

Contacting us after this allotted period will mean that we cannot offer a refund or return. Please note that this also applies to multipacks.

In the event of an item being returned in-line with DOA conditions, we reserve the right to withhold a refund or return until the faulty item has been returned to us and is confirmed to have arrived on-site.




Our warranty does not extend to these items due to the nature of the products.

For health and safety reasons, as well as hygiene, we cannot offer warranty on e-liquids.

This is unless we have determined that the item received is either incorrect OR if there are any other extenuating circumstances – these will be treated on a case-by-case basis.