What Vape Juice Should I Use?

What Vape Juice Should I Use? Oliver Norman

What Vape Juice Should I Use?

Working out which vape juice you should use is not always an easy task. Even if you have been vaping for a while and fancy a change, if you’ve only stuck to the one type of juice so far, it’s not always clear what you should choose next to achieve different things.

We’ve got more in-depth information about what goes into an e-liquid in terms of ingredients, as well as a handy guide on understanding the different types of e-liquid out there, but in this quick guide we will explore which e-liquid you should choose depending on the type of vaping experience you are after.

The Best Vape Juice To Use Every Day

If you are looking for a vaping experience that has longevity, satisfaction and simplicity all rolled into one, then a standard 50-50 vape juice is most likely to tick the boxes.

These blends use a balanced ratio of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG) which allows them to offer the most flexibility in terms of nicotine strength.

The benefit for vapers who just want something generic that meets their cravings is the massive availability of standard vape juices from menthol to blue raspberry, in almost all retail locations you will come across during a busy day.

If you aren’t fussy about brand, then you are always likely to be able to find a top-up bottle in a pinch, meaning you have to worry less about running out of juice and relapsing into cigarettes.

They are also compatible with the widest variety of vape devices, from pods like the Innokin Klypse to open tanks like the EDGE Pro.

The Best Vape Juice for Throat Hit

The amount of throat hit you want from your vape is up to you; heavier smokers tend to prefer a more familiar harshness, whereas lighter smokers may prefer smoothness. If you are the former, and are looking for a more intense throat hit, then high-strength 50-50 freebase vape juice is for you.

The term freebase refers to the type of nicotine used in the e-liquid blend, and is the most common type of nicotine out there, nic salts being the other common alternative.

Freebase nicotine retains the natural alkali pH of natural nicotine, and it is this which gives us the sensation in our throat. The more nicotine present, the stronger the throat hit – so an 18mg will always be harsher on your throat than a 3mg.

You can also tailor that throat hit a little more by choosing a device like the Vaporesso Xros 3 which has variable airflow and multiple coil options that deliver slightly different experiences when combined with a higher strength freebase juice.

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The Best Vape Juice for Smoothness

This is where nic salts trump freebase 50-50 vape juice. While still 50-50 type juices, nic salts use special salt nicotine, which has been altered to have a very neutral pH vs that harsher alkali taste of freebase.

This translates into a vape juice that can offer high strengths like 10mg or 20mg, but with a smoothness closer to a 6mg freebase juice.

Nic salts are the go-to for those looking for strong craving control but without a harsh throat hit, and while there are typically only the two strengths we mentioned available, this ticks the boxes for many vapers and has cemented them as a highly popular option – not least because this is the type of juice found in disposable vape devices.

The Best Vape Juice For Big Clouds

This is where you want to choose high-VG vape juice, and ideally a more powerful device running a sub-ohm coil.

Also called 80-20 or 70-30 vape liquid, high-VG blends use a much higher ratio of VG in their recipes, which makes them thicker than 50-50s. This VG is the ingredient responsible for cloud production when vaping, and so these juices kick out massive clouds, ideal for tricks or entertainment if that’s what you’re after.

The Best Vape Juice for Flavour

This is a tricky one as flavour can vary a lot between brands and depends on the device you are using too.

As a general rule, the boldest flavour can usually be experienced by combining high-Vg vape juice with a powerful sub-ohm vape kit with a wide airflow opening. This open airflow will allow much more vapour to be inhaled and therefore delivers a lot more flavour per puff.

The drawback to remember here is that sub-ohm vaping with High VG juice usually results in you consuming juice much faster than more toned-down or discreet options. This has been circumvented however with the introduction of short fill vape juice which are larger bottles of nicotine free juice, that you can add separate nic shots to after purchase.

The Best Vape Juice For Beating Cravings

Nic salts or higher strength freebase juices are the best equipped to help manage your cravings, however cravings are unique to you, and so the product that best meets those needs will be defined by their intensity.

  • Strong cravings + desire for smooth hit = nic salt vape juice.
  • Strong cravings + desire for strong throat hit = higher strength freebase 50-50 vape juice.
  • Mild cravings = lower strength freebase vape juice, or vaping a 1omg nic salt less frequently.
  • Low cravings = low strength freebase 50-50, or High-VG vape juice.

There is no right or wrong answer here, only what you need to make your vaping experience a pleasant one that will last and keep you away from cigarettes. Never be afraid to experiment here, as it is often a tricky box to tick first time.

You’re in Control

Ultimately your vaping journey is your own, and the ‘right product’ at one stage may change as you get more used to vaping in general.

Remember why you started vaping and what you wanted to achieve, whether working your way off cigarettes and away from nicotine altogether, or if you just wanted an alternative to smoking and are not yet ready to quit nicotine – there is a product our there for you, it can just take some patience to find the sweet-spot.

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