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These devices are designed for experienced vapers looking to upgrade their current device to something with more technology. 

Featuring adjustable wattage and larger battery capacity, these devices can be ran at higher power settings to produce larger clouds of vapour and maximum flavour. The perfect direct to lung vaping experience!

Pair these devices with High VG vape juice for a fantastic sub-ohm vape experience.

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Vape Mod Kit FAQs

What Is A Vape Mod?

“Mod” is the name given to the bottom part of a vape device. It's the chunkier part of a vape device as it houses the battery and other components required to make the vape mod. It normally has an LED/LCD screen which will display your wattage, coil ohm resistance, battery voltage and also battery life. You can also use the control buttons on the mod to adjust your wattage to your desired range. 

A vape tank is then screwed on top of a mod to make the kit complete. 

Are Vape Mods Suitable For Beginners?

We wouldn't recommend a vape mod if you're a beginner looking to buy your first vape device. This is because they often have more advanced and sometimes complex features which can be daunting to understand if you've never vaped before.

When you start vaping, you'll want a simple to use vape device that doesn't have any features like adjustable wattage so that you can learn the fundamentals of how a vape device works. 

You can then naturally progress from a beginner vape kit to a more intermediate vape kit before moving to the more advanced kits such as vape mods.

What Vape Juice Do You Use With A Vape Mod?

Ultimately, it all comes down to what ohm resistance your coil is that's in your vape tank. Vape mods are commonly associated with direct to lung or sub ohm vaping, simply because the battery used is more powerful and capable of running the vape mod at higher wattages. 

If this is the case with your vape mod, your coil will likely be a sub ohm coil meaning it is advised you use High VG vape juice. This will give you maximum flavour as well as large cloud production on the exhale as well. 

If you're using a vape mod and tank that uses higher ohm resistance coils such as 1.0ohm or higher, you'll want to use a 50-50 VG/PG ratio vape juice. And run your wattage at the recommended range for your coil.