If you've been using disposable vapes and are concerned about the impending disposable vape ban that is scheduled for the UK, it's time to find yourself a good alternative to disposable vapes if you want to continue vaping. 

We have a great selection of easy to use devices that you can use 10ml bottles of disposable vape flavours in and get a similar experience to disposable vapes, but at a much more cost-effective way!

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Disposable Vape Kit Alternatives FAQs

Is It Cheaper To Use Refillable Vape Kits Than Using Disposable Vapes?

It absolutely is much cheaper to use refillable vape kits like these than using disposable vapes. Disposable vapes offer a convenient, hassle-free approach to vaping by being ready to go straight out of the packet without the need to refill them or change coils or pods. However, they are not designed to last long, being powered by a small non rechargeable lithium-ion battery and only containing the maximum of 2ml of vape juice inside each device. 

If you're a frequent vaper, chances are that a single disposable vape will only last for one day before the battery runs flat or the vape juice runs out and you'll then need to buy a new one. And being priced on average at £6 per device, this can work out a costly way to vape. 

For as little as £10.99, you can get a vape kit which is not only rechargeable, but also refillable with vape juice and this will last you a lot longer than one day!

What Vape Juice Can I Use In These Vape Kits?

If you're moving away from disposable vapes and using one of the alternative devices, we would recommend using our incredible Bar Salts range of nicotine salt e-liquids. These have been created by drawing inspiration from the popular flavours used in disposable vapes such as Elf Bar and Lost Mary BM600, and putting our own unique spin on them to create an incredible range of 10ml e-liquids for just £2 a bottle!

If you do enjoy the flavours of Elf Bar vape juice, we also stock the 10ml range of their flavours which is the ElfLiq range. As well as other great brands of disposable vape flavours such as MaryLiq which is the official Lost Mary vape juice range, SKE Crystal, Elux Legend and more!

Do These Kits Use Replacement Coils?

All of these kits in this collection of disposable vape alternatives utilise replacement pods as apposed to replacement coils. These pods are sealed and already have the coils preinstalled inside them. Meaning that once the coil has burnt out, you just dispose of the old pod and replace it with a new pod that has a fresh coil in.

Can I Recharge The Battery In These Kits?

Yes you can. All of these kits in this collection use a battery which is rechargeable. The majority of them charge via USB-C port but some of them use Micro-USB port. You can click the individual products for the full details!