If you are an experienced vaper looking to upgrade your pre-existing vape kit to something a little more advanced, then look no further!

The kits below feature more advanced technology such as adjustable wattage control as well as different power settings that you can try to get the ultimate vaping experience! 

If you're looking to run your device at high wattage and produce big vape clouds, we would recommend pairing any of these devices with our High VG vape juices.

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Advanced Vape Kit FAQs

What Makes A Vape Kit Advanced?

Advanced vape kits are designed for vapers who have a significant amount of experience with vape devices and may have been vaping for a while. They are a step up from intermediate vape kits which do have similar features, but advanced vape kits normally come with a few more additional features that are more complex to understand.

What Features Can I Expect With An Advanced Vape Kit? 

Advanced vape kits will normally have adjustable wattage, much like what intermediate kits do, but they also may feature adjustable voltage settings as well, which is completely different from variable wattage. They also may have temperature control settings which differ from variable wattage settings as well. Temperature control allows you control on what temperature your coil heats up to, which in turn heats your vape juice up and can deliver a warmer vape which some people enjoy. 

Why Are Advanced Vape Kits More Expensive? 

You may notice that some of our advanced vape kits we have available on LiQuid are a lot more expensive than a standard beginner or intermediate vape kit. This is because the technology used inside as well as the build quality is a lot more advanced and needs additional components added in to make it complete. 

These kits are normally high quality and robust so should last you a long time if it's well maintained and looked after. 

Will I Get More Flavour And Cloud Production? 

Yes you will. This is because these kits are designed to be ran at higher wattages which ultimately will give you a lot more flavour from your vape juice as well as more vape cloud production too.