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For vapers who want a sweet vape juice bursting with grape flavour, LiQuid has the range for you. Our expert team of vape juice blenders have developed a range of delicious grape vape juices that deliver a familiar grape juice taste in a premium vaping experience.

What is more, our team has expertly combined the familiar flavours of grape and apple to create a unique vape juice combination that we know our customers love. You can also find our much-loved Heizen flavour here, and discover why it remains an ever-popular e-liquid flavour. Whichever grape vape juice you fancy, you will be choosing a vape juice made to the highest standards of manufacturing and testing. Each puff delivers the best possible flavour, and with bottles available from £1 only, it’s easy to try them all.

Our grape vape juices are expertly created right here in the UK, and each batch-tested to the highest standards to provide only the highest quality grape vape juice throughout our range.

LiQuid caters for all vapers. As experienced vapers ourselves, we know that everyone has different taste preferences and different levels of nicotine cravings, so we make sure that our grape vape juices are accessible to all. With a great selection of nicotine strengths and e-liquid types, our grape vape juice will satiate your taste buds and your cravings all at once.

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Pharma-grade nicotine in every bottle

The expert team at LiQuid blends the highest-grade nicotine into all of our grape vape juice bottles - apart from those with 0mg, of course. That means that, whether you choose 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg, you can be sure that the highest quality of nicotine is delivered with every puff of delicious grape flavour.

Whether you are looking to reduce your nicotine intake or satiate your cravings, the range of grape vape juices at LiQuid has you covered. Simply choose the nicotine strength on the product page and, thanks to our fast UK delivery, you will be tasting the delicious grape flavour sooner than you think.

Quality throughout

Our work and products are only delivered at the highest quality. The team at LiQuid tests every product internally in our in-house, so that each batch of vape juice goes above and beyond the expectations of our customers.

50-50 grape vape juice from £1

Our premium grape vape juice range is available for only £1 for 10ml. Manufactured using only the highest-quality ingredients and the finest flavourings, each bottle contains USP/EU Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerol (VG).

Blended to LiQuid’s leading sliding scale of VG/PG for a tailored vaping experience, each bottle ensures that each nicotine strength is delivered as best as it can be for a premium vaping experience.

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