Collection: SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Disposable Vape Pods

Elevate Your Vaping Experience with the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Pods

Embrace a world of vibrant flavours, unparalleled satisfaction, and effortless convenience with the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Pods. This sleek and stylish device is designed to deliver an exceptional vaping experience as a perfect alternative to disposable vapes that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more thanks to the incredible disposable vape flavour e-liquids contained in every pod.

Unleash a Symphony of Disposable Vape Flavours

Immerse yourself in an extensive collection of captivating flavours, from tantalizing fruits and refreshing menthols to sweet candy concoctions and classic tobacco blends. Each flavour is meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Effortless Convenience

Enjoy hassle-free vaping with the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Pods. Whilst disposable vapes offer a hassle-free approach to vaping, using a pre filled pod kits offer an even more convenient way to vape. The pre-filled pods simply slide into your SKE Crystal Plus device, eliminating the need for messy refills and complicated setups. Simply attach your desired flavour pod and start vaping!

Sleek and Portable Design

Disposable vapes are small devices which are convenient for on the go use. The SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit & Pre-Filled Pods boast the same sleek and compact design that fits seamlessly into your pocket or purse, making it your ideal on-the-go vaping companion. 

SKE Crystal disposable vape bars took the UK by storm when they launched and took top spot as the best disposable vape available on the market, offering a wide range of disposable vape flavours in their devices which boasted the simplest way to vape but with many vapers now seeking an alternative due to disposable vapes being banned in the future in the UK, SKE have released the Crystal Plus pre-filled pod range!

Each 2ml pod is loaded with the best disposable vape flavour in the form of SKE crystal original nic salt vape juice, packing all the same great flavours and smooth nicotine salts as your favourite disposable, but now you can recharge your battery and simply replace a pod at a time, rather than the whole unit being throw in the bin! It’s a win-win for fans of convenient vaping who enjoy the compact platform offered by disposables.

If you are looking for even more SKE Crystal juice then check out their 10ml Crystal Originals bottled range, but for the ultimate in convenience check out the range below for their full offering of best-selling vape pods – the ultimate replacement for your disposable vape.

And if you spend over £20, you can benefit from free delivery if you're located in the UK. 

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How Do You Use SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pods?

Take an SKE Crystal pod out of the packaging. Remove the seal on the bottom of the pod. Pop it into your SKE Crystal Plus device and it’s as easy as that! 

Inhale gently to get a smooth and flavoursome vape with minimal cloud production.

How Much Vape Juice Is in A SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Pod?

The maximum amount of vape juice which can be put into any prefilled pod is 2ml. This is to adhere to the regulations set out in the Tobacco Products Directive set out in 2016 in the UK.

This is the same amount of e-liquid that is used in the SKE range of disposable vapes. 

How Long Do SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Disposable Pods Last?

Each pod is estimated to give around 600 puffs which matches the number of puffs you would get if using a disposable vape pen. This can be less though depending on how much you use it. 

What Nicotine Strengths Are SKE Crystal Plus Pods?

SKE Crystal Plus pods come in 20mg nicotine strength which is the same as SKE Disposables and other popular disposable vape brands like Elf Bar 600 or Lost Mary BM600.

Are SKE Crystal Pre Filled Pods Better Than An SKE Disposable Vape Device?

Using a single-use disposable vape is a great entry into vaping, as well as being convenient as they are ready to go straight out of the packet. However, depending on how much you vape, they might not last you very long before needing to buy a new one. 

Disposable vapes are not designed for consistent use, and the e-liquid inside your disposable may be used faster than you'd hoped. 

SKE Pre Filled Pods are the same RRP as their single-use vapes, but you are getting double the amount of e-liquid between the two pods to what you would get in a standard disposable vape. 

Will Pre Filled Pods Be Affected By The Disposable Vape Ban in the UK?

Incase you didn't already know, disposable vapes are going to be banned in the UK after a recent announcement from Rishi Sunak as the government looks set to crack down on youth vaping as well as protecting the environment from the harm these single-use disposable vapes are causing. 

This means that popular brands such as SKE Crystal and Elf Bar disposable vape kits will no longer be allowed to be sold in the UK. 

Prefilled Pods are not affected by this ban, so you will be able to still enjoy the flavours of the best disposable vapes like SKE Crystal Bars but in prefilled pod form.

What Vape Juice Is in SKE Crystal Plus Pods?

The vape juice used in SKE Crystal Plus pods is nicotine salt e-liquid. This is the same vape juice used in a SKE Crystal Bar Disposable e cigarette. You can also experience these great flavours with the SKE Crystal 10ml nic salt range.

How Do I Know When to Change a SKE Crystal Plus Pod?

Pods are transparent so you’ll always be able to see the amount of vape juice left in your pod which is worth keeping an eye on. 

You may also start to get a burnt taste or a dry hit when you inhale, that means the vape juice has nearly or has run out, so dispose of that pod and pop a new one in.

Are SKE Pre Filled Pods Better Than Refillable Vapes?

Whilst SKE Prefilled pods are easy to use, have a lot of great flavour options, and offer a great overall vape experience, some may consider them better than a refillable vape kit. 

Whilst offering convenience with no need to refill a vape tank or change coils, they ultimately can work out more expensive in the long run if frequently used as they match the lifespan of a disposable vape and a heavy vaper may get through one pod a day, or even sooner. 

If you're someone who vapes frequently and feel that this may apply to you, then it's worth checking out our range of amazing Bar Salts, our collection of disposable vape flavours are available in 10ml bottles and ideal to use in any refillable vape kit, and are only £2 for 10ml. 

Can I Refill SKE Crystal Plus Pods?

No you cannot. These pods are factory sealed and are not designed to be refilled with e liquid. 


Will Nic Salts Be Banned In The UK?

No. The proposed disposable vape ban in the UK applies to single-use vape kits only. 10ml bottled vape juice will still be available to purchase and combined with refillable vape kits like the Aspire R1 which means you can still enjoy your favourite disposable bar flavours. Flavours that appeal to children may be effected but there are no plans yet to restrict those found in our ranges here.

Are Nic Salts A Good Alternative After Disposable Vapes Are banned In The UK?

Yes! The UK ban on single-use vapes might have you worried, but you can still enjoy the same smooth, bold vape flavours thanks to the pre filled pods in this collection. Enjoy all your favourites but with even better value for money by switching to our own £2 LiQuid Bar Salts - simply combine them with a refillable vape kit of your choice, or get even more for your money with our amazing Aspire R1 bundle with 7 bar salts for only £20!