Collection: 50ml Shortfill E-liquid

Shortfill vape juices are a great way to enjoy your favourite vape juice flavours at the most cost-effective way!

Our 50ml Shortfills are 75ml bottle capacity, short-filled with 50ml of vape juice flavour leaving enough room to add in nicotine shots to reach your desired nicotine strength. 

By adding in one 10ml nicotine shot, you will get 3mg total nicotine strength. And adding in 2 10ml nicotine shots will give you a 6mg total nicotine strength. 

Browse our range of shortfill vape juices and save even more money with vaping at LiQuid!

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50ml Shortfill FAQs

What Is a Shortfill?

The name ‘Shortfill’ is derived from the way that these bottles are filled. The bottles are 75ml in size, but short filled with 50ml of vape juice to allow enough space for 1 or 2 10ml nicotine shots to be added to make the desired nicotine strength that you want.  

Why Use Shortfill E-Liquids?

There's several different reasons why using shortfills can be beneficial for you. Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Cost-effective: 50ml shortfills are a cost-effective way to vape as they give great value for money, costing you only £4 for 50ml of vape juice, plus you get 1 10ml nicotine shot included at no extra cost!

  • Nicotine control: Shortfills give you more control over the nicotine strength of your e-liquid. You can simply add a single nicotine shot for a low nicotine level like 3mg, or two nicotine shots for a higher nicotine level such as 6mg. Nicotine intake control is perfect if you're converting from smoking to vaping or if you've been vaping a while and are looking to lower your nicotine intake.

  • Enhanced Flavour: Due to shortfills being made with a higher VG ratio, this enhances the flavour of the concentrates used to give a flavoursome vape with every single puff.

What PG/VG Ratio Are The Shortfills?

Our 50ml shortfills are mixed at an 80% VG to 20% PG ratio. These vape juices are best paired with a sub-ohm refillable vape kit.

How Do I Add Nicotine Shots?

  • Press down and remove the lid
  • Use the grooves within the lip of the lid and place them under the nozzle cap of the shortfill bottle
  • Gentle pull the nozzle cap upwards to remove it from your bottle
  • Pour in your nicotine shots into the shortfill bottle
  • Firmly press the nozzle cap back into place until you hear a click and replace the lid cap
  • Give your bottle a good vigorous shake to ensure the nicotine is properly mixed with the vape juice
  • And you're all set to vape!

Do I Have To Add Nicotine?

No you do not have to add nicotine to your vape juice if you do not require nicotine in your vape juice.