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Our 18mg e-liquid range has a wide range of flavours in a number of different nicotine strengths. These delicious flavours include double menthol, British tobacco, Heizen and many more. Our 18mg vape juice is only £1 so is well worth giving a try - and why not consider trying a few different flavours to find your favourite go-to 18mg e-liquid?

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Why choose 18mg e-liquid?

Our 18mg e-liquid is an excellent place to start your vaping journey, especially if you have recently made the switch from smoking, or if you use nicotine gum as a cigarette alternative. With a variety of superior 18mg vape juice flavours to pick from, LiQuid's range is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

From fruity-inspired vape liquids like blackcurrant and pear drops to more sophisticated flavours like Blue Raspberry and Forest Fruits, our 18mg e-liquid collection offers something for everyone. They are also available in a number of nicotine levels, as well as high VG variants.

We understand that every vaper has different requirements, and for many, 18mg e-liquids are the ideal nicotine strength. We prioritise providing a variety of top e-liquid flavours at competitive prices, so you may have your perfect vaping experience while saving money.

More information about our 18mg e-liquids

LiQuid offers premium e-liquids with 18mg nicotine for vapers looking for a high-quality vaping experience. Our dedicated team has created a delightful variety of 18mg e-liquids, crafting our ever-popular range of flavours using the highest-quality ingredients and developing new combinations that your taste buds will want to explore. 

We work hard to decrease our environmental footprint by bottling in the UK with 100% recyclable 10ml refills. With 10ml bottles starting at £1, you're bound to find your next vaping favourite.

See why LiQuid's e-liquid selection is as popular as ever by selecting your favourite 18mg flavour or trying something new.

High-quality compounds in every nicotine strength

Our premium e-liquids are thoroughly batch-tested to guarantee that our clients receive only the best possible vaping experience, regardless of flavour or nicotine strength. Because quality is the core of our business, we test everything in-house, ensuring that each batch surpasses our loyal clients' expectations.

Our e-liquids are made using a sliding scale of PG/VG ratios to maximise your experience, regardless of the nicotine strength or flavour you choose.

The quality of each flavour and the diversity we offer are what make LiQuid's vape juice collection so popular. Many of our flavours rapidly become client favourites, so you'll have to try them all to figure out which one you like. And, at LiQuid's prices, you can try all of our 18mg vape juices without breaking the bank.