Collection: Flavourless E-Liquid

Sometimes you don't want a strong liquid flavour, which is why our flavour-free e-liquids are proving to be a big hit with vapers. Our UK-made flavourless vape juices are sure to become a staple of your vaping needs.

Since starting in 2014, LiQuid has pioneered the flavourless vape juice market, creating affordable vape liquids that do not compromise on quality. Thanks to our extensive experience in all things vaping, we have been able to perfect the flavourless e-liquid range, only producing products for which we know our customers will come back to for more.

Available in a range of strengths, you can find the ideal match for your vaping needs. All our flavourless e-liquids are created in our UK-based factory and independently tested. We pride ourselves in creating only the best e-liquids, ensuring that every bottle that leaves the factory is made using only premium, traceable ingredients. Browse our variety of flavourless vape liquids below today.

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Flavourless e-liquids as standalone or dilutant

If you are simply looking for a way to satisfy your appetite for nicotine without any flavour, our range is ideal for you. With only the hint of sweetness from vegetable glycerol (VG), our flavourless e-liquid can be used just as well on its own as a modifier for other ingredients.

Our stock can be used for those wanting to get creative and mix their own unique vaping flavours, our flavourless juice is the perfect base for any crazy flavour concoction! Whether your preference is a flavourless puff, or you are wanting to mix other e-liquids in your tank and create your own favourite flavour, we have the vape juice for you.

With a range of nicotine strengths from 0mg (nicotine free) to 18mg, our flavourless e liquid is perfect for any vaping preference.

Flavourless shortfill HGV e-liquids

For vapers looking to use shortfill HGV e-liquids but do not want a puff of bold flavour, our flavourless high-VG vape juice is a perfect choice. It can also be used as a dilutant for the traditional HGV strengths of 3mg or 6mg. For those looking for a nicotine-free addition to their tank, we also produce this flavourless HGV e-liquid in 0mg.

Your next vape liquid, from £1 only

If you're just looking for a clean hit, flavourless e-liquids are a great choice. Perfect for diluting existing liquids, mixing with other flavours and vaping straight, we offer a selection of quality flavourless e-liquids for just £1.

If you're a fan of the fresh hit, don't forget to check out our collection of menthol e-liquids, available in a wide range of minty flavours.