If you've been vaping for a while and are looking to upgrade your starter kit to something with additional features such as replaceable coils or variable wattage then our range of Intermediate vape kits offer exactly that! 

Whilst still offering simplistic design features, you will have the ability to adjust the wattage of your device and tailor the wattage range to your preference as well as using different ohm resistance coils to try out RDTL or DTL Vaping. 

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Intermediate Vape Kits FAQs

What Is The Difference Between A Beginner Vape Kit and an Intermediate Vape Kit?

Beginner vape kits are designed to be simple and easy to use with no advanced features on them. Intermediate kits are a step up from beginner vapes and often have features such as variable wattage on them which gives you full access to setting your wattage output to your desired range, to get a stronger hit on the inhale as well as producing more vapour and getting enhanced flavour. 

Intermediate vape kits are a natural progression once beginners have more experience with vaping and are looking to excel their vaping experience without diving into more complex advanced vape kits.

Do Intermediate Vape Kits Use Different Coils? 

As these vape kits have features such as variable wattage, you'll also be able to use a variety of different ohm resistance coils which will be suitable for different wattage settings. For example, if your vape kit can operate at 30 watts, you'll need a coil that's suitable for being used at this wattage and the common ohm resistance for this range is 0.6-0/8ohm. These coils are classed as “sub-ohm” coils as their resistance is below 1.0ohm.

Can I Use These Devices For Direct To Lung Vaping? 

Yes you can. Some of these devices will utilise sub-ohm coils which can be ran at higher wattage settings. This then gives you the option to try our Direct to Lung vaping. This style of vaping is more suited if you've had previous experience with MTL vape devices and may now not be dependant on getting the throat hit and using higher nicotine strength vape juices which are most commonly associated with beginner vape kits.