Bar Juice: An Alternative To Disposable Vapes

Bar Juice: An Alternative To Disposable Vapes James Drake

Bar Juice: An Alternative To Disposable Vapes

We’ve recently introduced a new addition to our already fantastic vape juice collection in the form of LiQuid Bar Salts!

LiQuid Bar Juices are a range of super smooth and rich tasting Nicotine Salt vape juice flavours that are inspired by the popular selling flavours of Disposable Vapes such as Elf Bar, SKE & Crystal Bars.

When we set out making our range of Bar Salts we wanted to make something that had the same, if not better, flavour of Disposables, but in a much more cost effective way.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at why Bar Salts are a much better alternative than using Disposables, and why they’re here to stay at LiQuid!

Disposable Vapes Are Not A Cost Effective Way To Vape

Let’s start by taking a look at the financial side of things to start off this article and delve into the true cost of using Disposable Vapes as the totals may shock you if you didn’t already know them.

The average cost of a Disposable Vape is anywhere between £4-£6, with some shops offering a “multi buy” discount such as 2 for £10. So let’s say that you’re paying £5 per Disposable for example.

Each Disposable Vape is normally filled with the maximum legal amount of vape juice for a vape device which is 2ml.

Some devices may be filled with less, and unfortunately you cannot see the e liquid as the units are self-contained and sealed up.

If you’re a “heavy” vaper and use your device frequently then 2ml of vape juice really isn’t going to last you very long.

If you’re going to be using Disposables as your standalone vape this means you’re going to be spending £5 A DAY just to be able to vape.

£5 a day on Disposables = £35 a week = £140 a month = £1680 a year.

This is a very high cost that should not be associated with vaping as it’s categorically cheaper than smoking, but using Disposables will heavily reduce those savings.

 LiQuid Bar Juice Range

Why LiQuid's Bar Juice Are Better Than Disposable Vapes

Here at LiQuid, we are aware of just how popular Disposable Vapes are and that the rich and delicious flavours are one of the things which keeps people using them.

We believe in making vaping as affordable to everyone which is why our primary focus has always been offering high quality premium e liquid at low and affordable prices for all.

This is how we came up with the idea to create our Bar Juice range, offering the rich and delicious flavours of Disposables but at a much more cost-effective price.

To put it into context…a 10ml bottle of our Bar Salts is only £2. That’s less than half the price of one Disposable Vape!

And this is what you’ll get for your £2…

Nearly all Disposable Vapes are manufactured in China, including the vape juice that’s used inside them.

There are no regulations in place when it comes to vape juice making in China, unlike what there is here in the UK.

The regulations were introduced in the UK in an effort to make vaping as safe as possible which meant restricting the use of potentially harmful additives such as sweeteners like Diacetyl.

As mentioned, China do not have any regulations, so they’ve essentially got free reign to add in whatever they like to create these rich tasting vape juices.

Here at LiQuid, we whole heartedly abide by the regulations put in place by the Tobacco Products Directive, and we do not add in any banned substances, nor do we include excessive sweeteners or other additives to make our vape juice taste good.

Instead, we use high quality raw materials and the expertise of our flavour creators to make our LiQuid Bar Salts range!

Disposable Vapes Days Could Be Numbered

If you’ve been keeping up with the news then you’ve likely seen the multiple calls for Disposable Vapes to be banned from supply and sale.

This was further highlighted in Rishi Sunak’s speech at the Tory Conference where he spoke about the youth vaping problem that’s occurring in England, with Disposable Vapes being the main primary reason for the numbers creeping up to concerning levels.

One of the suggestions to combat these numbers from rising any further is to stop the supply and sale of Disposable Vapes, and it’s been opened to a consultation period for the public to have their say on the matter.

There’s a strong possibility that this suggestion could in fact come to fruition which poses the question of just how long do Disposable Vapes have on the market?

If you’re a Disposable Vape user, now is the time to make that change over to a refillable vape device where you can use not only our fantastic range of Bar Salts, but also any of our other 10ml vape flavours and nicotine strengths.

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