Corporate Social
Responsibility Policy

Here at LiQuid we talk a lot about the things we do to make sure our business is the best it can be, and that means taking responsibility for our products, our people and the environment. You might have seen our campaigns on social media; wellbeing weeks, awareness days, environmental actions and beyond!

2021 sees the start of our journey to formalise, enforce and uphold our efforts by introducing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy. Dubbed the “5 E’s”: Education, Environment, Employee Wellbeing, Ethical Working, Enterprise and Community. These pillars are not only our statement of intent, but our promise as a business.


We are proud to have built such a loyal community over the years, and we work hard to make sure that the information we share with you is of the highest quality and provides you with comprehensive answers to your biggest questions as well as expert guidance as you develop your own vaping journey.


We seek to achieve this through the provision of credible, informative and engaging blog and vlog content. In addition, we are creating a comprehensive “best practice” guide series; each sedition in the series will target specific aspects of the vaping/stopping smoking journey to empower you to make informed decisions about your own life based on credible, impartial and carefully researched information.

Best Practice Guide: Finding the right alternative

With no bias, this guide will serve as a comprehensive source of information for consumers detailing the many alternatives used for those starting or going through their transitional journey.

Best Practice Guide: How to Use Vaping Properly

Utilising our own extensive knowledge of vaping as well as facts and figures to help educate those that are looking to transition away from smoking, on how to vape safely and correctly.

Best Practice Guide: Vaping and Mental Health

A single source of information to help educate people on the impacts and connections between vaping and mental health, as well as provide links to organisations that can help and assist.


One bottle, one pound, one planet! We take environmental issues seriously here at LiQuid, and as both a manufacturer and distributor we have taken a number of steps over the years to reduce our impact as much as possible, our industry can be tricky due to the rules and regulations, and we need to think outside the box to streamline our operations and make them more sustainable.

Despite the challenge, we have successfully implemented several changes throughout our business:

We converted all our lighting to efficient LED.

We bundle and recycle all of our paper and cardboard waste.

We use 100% recycled PCR PET bottles which are made from reclaimed plastics that would run the risk of polluting the ocean.

We are rapidly rolling out more digital systems as we work towards a paperless future.

Employee Wellbeing & Opportunity

Our business was founded on family values, and while we have grown rapidly we still work hard to hold true to our founding principles. We want our teams to feel valued and respected, affording them as much opportunity as possible at all times professionally while ensuring we have plenty of measures in place to safeguard their health and wellbeing too!

Mental health first aiders: are trained in every department, with an open-door policy for anyone wishing to have a private chat during challenging times.

Personal development training: is actively encouraged throughout the business with special training and courses for further development fully supported by the company.

Perk Box: is available to all our teams, granting access to a whole host of fantastic discounts, vouchers and freebies, all the way from complimentary coffee to boxercise classes!

Ethical Ways of Working

This is one of our strictest pillars of CSR. At all times LiQuid operations are to be conducted with the utmost integrity and transparency, being held to a rigid moral standard. We uphold a working culture of inclusion, respect and tolerance that safeguards equal rights and opportunity for every single person in the LiQuid family and beyond.


A zero-tolerance policy on discrimination is maintained at all times. We have developed a culture of inclusion and collaboration that grants equal opportunity and exposure to all staff members regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual or political orientation; this culture is reflected in all internal and public-facing platforms, whereby ungrounded judgement, bigotry and prejudice are not tolerated.

Enterprise & Community

We like to share the LiQuid love whenever possible and as such actively promote awareness days and events each year, encouraging engagement from our staff and community followers alike! In addition, we are currently working towards establishing partnerships with leading charities, with positive steps already made!


We donated a percentage of the proceeds of sale of our Sweet Rainbow flavour e-liquid to the LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall as a part of Pride month here at LiQuid.


Each year we engage with World Wellbeing Week providing educational material around mental health and wellbeing, unique Perk Box discounts and even yoga classes right here at HQ, as well as producing insightful blogs to inspire our community to embrace self-care.

Strategic Review

LiQuid promises to uphold, develop and expand our CSR activities reflected in our policy as we strive to become your trusted vaping partner. Our most recent review has laid the foundation for progression over the next five years until 2026, at which point a further review will establish the scope of our successes in pursuit of the 5 E’s.