How to Safely Charge Your E-Cig

How to Safely Charge Your E-Cig Oliver Norman

Ensuring a Safe Charge For Your E-cigarette

While modern vaporizer technology has made leaps and bounds in safety and user-friendly battery charging, there are a few general rules you need to follow when safely charging your e-cig. Using an incompatible charger for example can mean that too much current goes into the battery, causing it to overheat, and eventually, explode. Reports of exploding vapes, while extremely rare, show just how important it is to make sure you use the right charger for your device - so resist the impulse to buy from a discount retailer, and always use a compatible charger from the same vendor you purchased your vape from! All of our e-cigarettes come with safety precautions such as overcharge protection to prevent such issues, and cut-offs to make sure you don’t get a dry burn while vaping. We’re a proud vendor of safety certificatied devices but to make sure you get the best advice available, read on to make sure you’re safely charging your device and minimising any risks.

Choosing the right cable for your device 

Whether you’re using one of our sleek Trinity devices or charging an inventive Argus Air pod mod, it’s crucial to choose the right USB cable for your device. Almost all of our vape kits come with a micro-USB cable but always ensure you are always using the correct, compatible cable. Check your cable is free from any damage before charging your cigarette battery, and never mix and match cables or chargers between devices.

USB port or Wall Socket? 

While our vape kits don’t come with wall socket plugs, some of our vapes are compatible with wall socket adaptors. Choosing a smart plug which will adjust itself to the correct voltage for your device does the hard work for you, but to make sure you don’t damage your vape battery or cause a fire risk, you should always check the user manual and packaging for information on voltage. Some vape devices are made for USB port charging only, so make sure you’re safe to plug in, and never use a phone charger or a multi-plug socket or adaptor, as these can overheat and cause a fire risk if overloaded. If in doubt, it’s always best to use the USB ports on your laptop or computer. 

How long should I charge my device? 

While some vape batteries require an overnight charge, devices such as the Aspire Flexus Q come prepared with USBC rapid charge, charging your vape in just one hour! While some other vape kits may take a little longer to be fully charged, all our devices, from starter kit to expert, have overcharge protection, meaning that even if you sleep in, your charging battery is protected from overheating and damaging your device. 

Can I use my device while it’s charging?

Most modern vapes, such as the Smok Vape kits, use industry-standard 18650 batteries, a powerful lithium battery allowing you to vape for longer. With kits like the Nord Vape kits (packing a whopping 1100mAh battery) or the Drag S ModPod (with an even bigger 2500mAh battery) you can often leave your charger safely at home. If tragedy strikes and you forget to charge your vape pen, don’t worry; with Pass Through charging most vapes can even be used while they’re plugged in. Always check your warranty, packaging and safety information for more information on your device beforehand to ensure battery safety.

Can you charge a vape with juice in it?

In most cases, yes, you should be perfectly safe charging your device with vape liquid in the tank or pod. if it is prone to leaking for any reason then it is advisable to remove the tank or pod before connecting to a power source, just to be extra safe.

Rebuildable kits are more prone to leakage or liquid transfer, so take extra caution with these kits when charging.

be aware o the angle of the device if you do charge it with liquid inside - use common sense, don't lie it flat or at an odd angle if you think this could compromise the charging process. If the location of the charger connection means it must be placed at such an angle, then to be safe it is best to remove the tank or pod before charging - if they cannot be removed, try to empty or use up the juice beforehand.

Check your environment 

It goes without saying you wouldn’t leave your battery charger in the rain, well, extreme conditions such as moisture, heat and even cold can affect your cig batteries. Don’t leave your device charging overnight in a car or outside, as this can compromise your device’s safety if it’s exposed to adverse conditions past normal limits. As all of our vape kits come with USB cable charge, it’s not necessary to remove the batteries to charge your vape battery. Always store your vape and charger away from water, direct sunlight, and high temperatures. 

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