Vaping In Spain

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Vaping In Spain

Hola! We’ve explored quite a few vape-travel topics in our blogs, like our complete 2024 guide to vaping and air travel.

We’ve also explored the latest rules and regs for vape travellers in 2024 which involved taking a look at some of the most popular destinations for UK holidaymakers, and whether or not vaping in those locations would have you landing in hot water, rather than warm weather!

In this blog however we will specifically be exploring the vaping rules in that eternally popular British sun-spot: Spain. If you are planning a trip to the Costa Del Sol or a trendy weekend break in Madrid, it’s well worth checking out their rules around vaping – we don’t want to reinforce any stereotypes about British tourists after all, let’s fly a positive flag for the vaping community!

Is It Legal To Vape In Spain?

The good news for sun-seekers is that yes vaping is legal in Spain! It is however restricted in certain places, and it is always important to remember that politically, vaping products in Spain are the subject of public health debates.

Of course, this is not dissimilar to the UK, where the subject is a very hotly debated issue also, with conflicting opinions around safety and regulation, particularly in the wake of the disposable vaping phenomenon.

The significance of this information for Spain-bound jet-setting vapers, is that while it is legal now, this does not mean it’s status won’t change depending on the outcome of official rulings and debates. If you are planning this year, for a trip next Spring or Summer, be aware that vaping may not be allowed in the future.

The likelihood of being caught-out is low however, as Europe is generally very accepting of vaping, with most popular holiday destinations like Spain, France and Germany all being fairly similar to the UK in terms of policing vaping.

Keep up to date with Spanish vaping regulations here.

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Can I Bring A Disposable Vape To Spain?

As of 2023, yes you can indeed bring a disposable vaping device to Spain and use it on your holiday. This applies to any vaping device or e-liquid. Just remember that most airports will not allow e-liquids in containers larger than 100ml, and device batteries must be separated and kept in your hand luggage as they cannot be stored in the hold.

Depending on where you fly out of the UK from however, you may not be held to the 100ml limit.

If targets are hit, then by 2024 we should no longer be bound by the 100ml limit – making Britain the first country in the world to do away with it. The change will be rolled out gradually over the next 12 months, Northeast England’s Teesside International Airport has become the first to apply the new relaxed rules.

Bear in mind however that the relaxing of the 100ml limit is not universal – Spanish airports will still hold you to a total of 1 litre of liquid per passenger, divided into containers of no more than 100ml.

Where Can You Vape In Spain?

Much like the UK, vaping in Spain is permitted in a number of public and private areas, however the following places prohibit the use of vaping products:

  • Government facilities, such as public offices and entities dedicated to public law like courthouses etc…
  • Hospitals and any establishments providing sanitary services, such as pharmacies, clinics, etc…
  • Schools and educational and training centres, except those dedicated to the exclusive education of adults, where you can vape away from nearby pavements and without obstructing access to the educational areas.
  • Children’s playgrounds, that are exclusively for children’s entertainment (large open public parks with multi-purpose green spaces are fine).
  • Public transport including taxis, railways, boats, and air transport. Some private travel companies might allow vaping however so be sure to check before rolling the dice!

Vape Regulations In Spain

Unlike the UK where vaping products are regulated by parliamentary decisions, Spain actually has them regulated by Royal Decree – fancy, we know!

The reality however is that the rules are very similar to our own – where we now use the ‘Tobacco and Related Products Regulations’ (TRPR) in the UK, Spain still follows the progenitor of TRPR – TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) rules to ensure high-quality, safe vaping products are the only ones available for public consumption.

The EU legislation applied to Spain’s vaping products dictates:

  • E-liquids cannot exceed 20mg/ml of nicotine, and in no case can they be marketed in bottles with volumes greater than 10ml – that includes 0mg nicotine free
  • Vapes cannot use tanks or cartridges with a capacity for e-liquid volumes greater than 2ml. anything larger cannot be marketed – this applies to disposable vapes above 600 puffs.
  • The products must carry warnings about the presence of nicotine in them, discouraging their use by non-smokers.
  • The packaging must contain both the ingredients in decreasing order of concentration, as well as the nicotine strength.

Where Can You Buy Vapes In Spain?

Holidaymakers from the UK can enjoy a pretty intuitive experience when attempting to buy vaping products in Spain. Much like in the UK you will be able to purchase vaping products from tobacconists, specialist vape stores, and online vape stores, as well as some convenience retailers in a reduced capacity.

Keep your eyes peeled for these store names:

  • Bazar Del Vapeo
  • Vapori
  • Sin Humo Sevilla
  • Vaperalia

These are some of the most popular vape retailers in Spain that should carry everything you need to stay topped up on your adventures! There are hundreds more of course, but hopefully this list will get you started.

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