Everything you need to know: The Aspire PockeX

Everything you need to know: The Aspire PockeX Oliver Norman

Everything you need to know: The Aspire PockeX

Get to know a legend of the vaping world – The Aspire PockeX, an all-in-one (AIO) pen style device following a timeless design formula that has proven popular for a very long time!

The Aspire PockeX is an AIO vaping device that is perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers. It is small, lightweight, and easy to use, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a portable and discreet vaping experience that gives them the flexibility to enjoy both 50-50 and high-VG vape juice.

The PockeX features a powerful 1500mAh battery, which can provide up to a full day of vaping on a single charge. It also has a 2ml e-liquid tank, which is easy to top-up thanks to the top filling design. The tank uses a range of Aspire's U-Tech coils, which are designed to provide excellent flavour and vapor production.

The PockeX has a top-airflow design, which helps to prevent leaking. It also has a leak-resistant tank design, which further helps to prevent messy accidents. The PockeX is available in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your style.

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable vaping device, the Aspire PockeX is a great option.

Key features of the Aspire PockeX

  • Small and lightweight design
  • 1500mAh battery
  • 2ml e-liquid tank
  • Top-airflow design
  • Leak-resistant design
  • Accepts a good range of Aspire coils

Pros and cons of the Aspire PockeX

The PockeX is a tried and tested design that has appealed to vapers for a long time where other kits have risen and fallen, the PockeX has remained a go-to piece of vape kit for beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

As with any kit however, it won’t tick all the boxes for everyone:


  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Long battery life
  • Good flavour and vapor production
  • Leak-resistant design
  • Can handle both 50-50, nic salt, and HVG vape juice with the right coil setup
  • Power output auto-adjusts to suit the coil you have chosen



  • Tank can be difficult to remove for those less familiar with vaping
  • Coils can burn out quicker when using HVG juices
  • Not as powerful as some other vaping devices
  • No variable wattage

How long does the Aspire PockeX last?

The PockeX’s 1500mAh battery packs a decent punch, and while it’s output lacks customisation which may not be powerful enough for some cloud-chasers, it holds up against most other AIO kits it competes with. From a full charge and semi-regular use, you should expect to see a full days’ worth of vaping before it starts to lose power.

As a slightly older kit, it does not benefit from USB-C rapid charging, instead utilising the older micro-USB style cable, so remember this when planning how to use the kit, as it may take a little longer to recharge than other kits.

The coils themselves generally have a very good lifespan, especially the 1.2ohm and 1.8ohm variants, paired with 50-50 freebase or nic salt e-liquid. The sub-ohm coils available do perform well, but have a shorter lifespan due largely to the fact that most HVG juice has increased levels of sweetener which will affect any device, not just the PockeX.

What coils can an Aspire PockeX use?

The PockeX can make use of both its own range of Utech Aspire PockeX Coils, but can also accept the newer range of Aspire Nautilus X coils, both of which come in packs of 5.

Both sets also offer a sub-ohm and 50-50 optimised choice for you to opt for. Aspire Nautilus X 1.8ohm and PockeX 1.2ohm coils feature a tighter mouth-to-lung style draw that is better suited to freebase or nic salt 50-50 juice. Nautilus X 0.7ohm mesh and PockeX 0.6ohm coil are designed to work better with HVG e-liquid to produce larger clouds – make sure you opt for the coil that matches the juice you want to use.

How long do Aspire coils last?

The PockeX’s 1.2 and 1.8ohm coil options should last between 7 and 14 days depending on your use. Heavier vaping habits will always burn through coils a little faster than less frequent use.

The sub-ohm coil varieties last a little less than this, owing largely to the increased power being put through them and the thicker sweeter HVG juice they are paired with.

What type of vape juice is best with the Aspire PockeX?

The great thing about the PockeX is that you can use both 50-50 and High-VG style vape juice – there are coils available to support both!

The device adjusts its power output to match the coil fitted, which means less fuss when deciding how best to balance performance between flavour and vapour delivery.

Where can I buy the Aspire PockeX?

You can get it right here on the LiQuid site, along with any coils you might need. All that’s left is to choose your favourite E-liquid from our massive range and you’re all set!

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