Great Vape Flavour Pairings

Great Vape Flavour Pairings Oliver Norman

Great Vape Flavour Pairings

The things we inhale and those that we chew often go hand-in-hand. We’re not talking about the speed at which you eat either – we’re talking about flavour pairings.

Waking up in the morning, many people enjoy a cigarette with their coffee. In the same way, many people enjoy lighting up after a big meal – but what about vapes? Most of us who vape once smoked, so if you were among those who made smoking a part of their culinary habits, read on – we’ve got some tips to help you make some great vape flavour pairings!


Ok, so we might not be starting out with the most exciting food but let’s face it – the green stuff is good for us and can be really tasty when prepared properly! Most salad dishes are light and refreshing, and trust us – vape flavours that are also refreshing work really well here.

Mint Blast, Double Menthol and Spearmint are all great choices to pair with salads – their natural freshness complements and amplifies those elements in the food, and can even add an extra layer of flavour by delivering different minty and cool profiles.

It’s not just minty flavours that suit a salad however – Mango, Strawberry, Blueberry and other tart, tangy or naturally sweet fruity flavours pair brilliantly with salads, especially those with a mango salsa or pomegranate element!

Fried Food

Now this is the good stuff (albeit pretty bad for us) most of us have at least one food item that we enjoy fried, from chips to chicken – if it can be coated and submerged in hot oil, humans will generally attempt to fry it. Joking aside, these rich, and oilier tasting foods are best complemented by sweeter dessert style vapes like custards or vanilla. This is because the natural creaminess of these vapes really works well with fried flavours.

Chocolate or caramel vapes like our butterscotch custard also work really well here as they add a subtle sweetness to balance the savoury fried flavour that just works! It doesn’t have to be a sweet and creamy vape to work well with fried foods. Cinnamon and even tobacco flavoured e-liquids can really compliment chips fried chicken!

Meat and Fish

Things might sound a little crazy here, but trust us – these combos really do pair well together! When you put it into wine terms things make a little more sense – red wines with rich fruit profiles often pair well with red meats – the same applies to e-liquids. Forest Fruits, Blueberry, and darker fruit vapes pair very well with steaks or pork or game. Equally apple flavours work really well with pork dishes – not too much of a surprise!

Seasoned chicken dishes can be well complemented by tropical fruit vape flavours which add to existing spice blends to enhance the flavour. And the same applies to seafood – many fruit vapes work well with fish dishes, especially lemon! In the same vein, Duck works really well with orange flavoured e-liquids like our blood orange, just try to only use premium e-liquid like our own, as cheaply made citrus flavours can often taste a little like soap – not ideal when eating a meal.


These sweet treats give you the most flexibility when it comes to vape pairings – almost all fruit blends work really well with desserts, as do Sweet flavours themselves! It all depends on the dish in front of you, fruity and syrupy desserts pair better with complimentary flavours – a lemon vape works well with a key lime pie for example.

Some sweeter tobacco flavours like RY4 or American Lites also complement desserts with a brown sugar or molasses element to them, adding a subtle bitterness alongside the sweetness that creates a more balanced flavour experience with each bite and puff!


It goes without saying that if you can pair all these foods with vapes then the same is true of drinks. Of course, the vaping world has it’s fair share of drink inspired flavours already – why not vape pina colada with a pina colada?!

We could write pages of tasting notes for all the drinks and vapes we’ve tried together, but there is just too much to say – the important things is to try to think about the ingredients in your drink that define the flavour, consider which vape juice would enhance those flavours and give it a go! Coffee doesn’t work well with fruits or sweets, so stick to tobacco or vanilla vape juices.

Tobaccos also work really well with most beers. If you prefer a pint of bitter, try it with RY4 to balance it between sweet and savoury. If you’re a sweeter lager drinker, you should enjoy British Tobacco or Virginia as they have a darker profile that offsets the crispness of lager.

Bon Appetit!

There you have it, our rundown of great vape flavour pairings! It’s important to remember though that everybody has a different palate and different preferences – just because these ideas have worked for us here at LiQuid, doesn’t mean you have to agree! Get out there and experiment, use your common sense and think about what flavours work together anyway, then apply that to your meal/vape combos – it’s a lot of fun and sometimes you can stumble on a taste sensation!

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