My First Vape: A Vaping Guide For Beginners

Author Image Oliver Norman
My First Vape: A Vaping Guide For Beginners

So you’ve decided to start your vaping journey and you want to buy your first vape. The options for vaping devices and the sheer variety of e-liquid flavours can be really exciting but understandably also a little overwhelming. We’ve put together this beginners guide to give you the vital details you need to take the first steps on your vaping journey.

Why not try a starter kit?

Starter kits can take the headache out of buying your first vape, as many come with everything you need to get vaping from the moment your order hits your welcome mat. These kits will often come with the device itself as well as a user guide to help you understand your model, a charging cable, if the device is rechargeable, and one or more starter e-liquids. What a starter kit contains will vary depending on the brand but should set you up to get started with your new vaping device. Our starter kit page offers a broad selection of different kits to choose from.

Pods vs. Free-pour 

When choosing your kit, you’ll notice that devices offer different e-liquid systems. These fall into two types: pods and free-pour. With a device that runs on pods, e-liquid is contained with a cartridge shaped receptacle which slots directly into a vaping device. The advantage of using pods for those new to vaping is that they are very simple, intuitive and mess-free to load up into a device. 

Free-pour devices allow the user to pour e-liquids directly into an open tank inside the device. The e-liquid is then wicked up into a coil, which is essentially an internal heating element that atomises the vape juice into vapour. It’s important to make sure that the coil is ‘primed’, which means that the e-liquid has had time to completely soak into the coil. Otherwise you may get a dry hit of vapour which can be an unpleasant experience! This process of readying your free-pour device for vaping can require a little getting used to, but ultimately can work out cheaper than pods and allows you to vape any of our extensive collection of e-liquids. First time vape users often find pods easier to start with and then graduate to using free-pour devices once they’ve settled into vaping.

May we suggest…

Retailing at just £9.99 our LiQuid Air device is an extremely affordable way to take your first steps into vaping. This quality device looks sleek, is smooth to draw from and is highly portable. The pod system makes it seamless to refuel your new vaping device without any hassle. Pods are sold separately at just £1, in a wide range of menthol, fruit and tobacco flavours.  

Choosing your vape juice flavour 

If you’ve chosen a starter device and you’re looking to stock up on e-liquids, we have a huge range to pick from. Consider exploring different ranges that cater to your own personal taste. We stock a variety of familiar, tobacco flavoured e-liquids to help ease the transition for smokers from cigarettes to e-liquids. For pod devices, we stock our best-selling British Tobacco and Very Menthol flavours. As well as these flavours, our free-pour range of tobacco flavours includes Virginia Tobacco, American Tobacco and Premium Tobacco in order to cater to all preferences. From here the options are limitless, with flavours ranging from sweets and drinks through to fruits to keep your tastebuds engaged and your journey on track.

Choosing your vape juice strength

It’s important to consider the strength of the nicotine in your e-liquid, as this could be key in helping you make a successful transition from smoking. Many new vapers who switch find it easier to start with a high nicotine percentage e-liquid and then gradually step down in strength. We provide a range of strengths varying from 18mg right down to 0mg for those looking to completely eliminate their nicotine intake.