What Are The Best Vape Mods Available For Beginners?

What Are The Best Vape Mods Available For Beginners? Oliver Norman

What Are The Best Vape Mods Available For Beginners?

The vaping industry has come a long way since the relatively simple early days of basic batteries, CE4 clearomisers, and cig-a-like cartomiser products. Newcomers are now faced with a near infinite range of options from stripped-back basic kits to uber-techy high-powered mods. It can be a nightmare trying to work out where to begin, and all too often recent converts will end up buying something beyond or beneath their needs.

We have a great selection of vaping devices to suit all needs, including leading brands and some of our very own! But before you buy, read on to make sure you understand your options and make an informed purchase that will serve you well on your vaping journey!

Pod Systems

Vapings latest rising stars make for the ultimate starting point for any aspiring vaper. Combining ultra-simplicity with efficient, affordable and effective technology, pod systems have become the most popular device platform in modern vaping - now outselling all other device types globally by a significant margin! The reasons for this are understandable; pod devices often utilise a simple battery either with one button to activate or in many cases "draw activation" (simply inhale to activate!) meaning no buttons at all. Alongside this they also use pre-filled and often disposable e-liquid pods. Pods contain everything in one: the coil, wick and e-liquid in one single unit that effortlessly pops on or off the battery. This means you can swap flavours or replace empty pods in seconds, without having to clean a tank or change messy coils.

The Elfa Pro Pod Kit is a great starting point to try out vaping. This kit features prefilled pods that you just clip into the device and replace them when the vape juice inside the pod has run out - it's the most affordable pod system on the market and gives you the chance to try vaping without investing in expensive tech and excessive amounts of liquid!

All In One Kits

This type of device is closer to "old-school" tech but with the benefit of modern advances. typically consisting of a "pen-style" design with a battery and integrated tank with interchangeable coils. While requiring a little more maintenance than pod systems, AIO devices are still a great way to start your vaping journey and offer the enhanced flexibility that even advanced vapers enjoy, meaning your AIO could take you from the start, right to the end of your vaping journey without ever needing to upgrade!

At LiQuid we have developed a device that combines the versatility of an AIO with the convenience of a pod device thanks to our patented rapid release coil technology! The LiQuid Pro comes loaded with all the features you would expect from a device of its type, but with a unique coil system that means you can effortlessly swap your coil without opening your tank - no mess, no stress. Not only that, but each new coil comes with a fresh integrated mouthpiece for optimised hygiene even on-the-go! 

Pod Mods and Sub-Ohming

While the above devices are great for beginners, they do have their limitations that may reduce their appeal to those aspiring vapers looking for something a little more advanced and with the ability to produce some truly Vesuvian clouds!

 Pod mods are vapings most popular device platform for cloud-chasers today (albeit not reserved exclusively for them), and as the name infers, they offer a combination of pod system technology alongside the power and customisation of the once might box-mods (you know the ones - those massive devices that look like an 80's mobile phone) Smaller in size than their aging relatives, pod mods commonly utilise a refillable pod, with interchangeable coils for both standard and sub-ohm vaping, which means if you prefer or want to try a HVG e-liquid these are the devices for you! They pack a whole host of customisation options including variable temperature, wattage and airflow control, with some even containing a "DNA chip" that allows the user even greater control over their vaping experience, even if that does require a little more technical knowledge to make the most of!

While perhaps not the simplest devices for newcomers, if you fancy yourself a sub-ohm vaper and want to take the plunge, you can do far worse than the market-leading pod mods we carry on our site. They may take a little time to understand fully, but many vapers will argue it's well worth it!

Shop the Range!

Whatever you're looking for, check out our full range of devices now including leading brands Innokin, SMOK and VooPoo!

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